they will eat anything

Li Cunxin made me weep when he said he to compete with rats for food while growing up in China. He probably snacked on the odd Aussie as well, judging by this media release: “A favoured ingredient in many Asian dishes, Australians are set to be inspired by the subtly sweet and versatile chestnut this Autumn, with the Australian season kicking off in March.” I haven’t been this disturbed by chestnut news since, er, the last bit of chestnut news. Possibly from the same people who told us about our hard-working payapa industry. Is it just me who giggles uncontrollably after reading the word chestnut five times in the one par? yummyaussie

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10 Responses to they will eat anything

  1. You’ve scooped Howard. I guess the arse has dropped out of the tiger penis industry, so Aussie chestnuts are now the rage.


  2. Snuff says:

    Is it better or worse for Australians to be a favoured ingredient ?


  3. says:

    Less than one thousand page views until 4 million TLA !
    Magnificent effort


  4. Tullio says:

    I like mine hoary and old


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