The West Australian: great success!

I found Saturday’s page 3 report gratifying. The West is “among the most successful in Australia”. Heartening news for these troubled times. The weekend edition “is now only a few hundred copies away from being the country’s second-biggest selling newspaper on a Saturday.”thankstoyouIt is partly thanks to me, a loyal subscriber, so I was quietly chuffed. But, predictably, the negative unhelpful inappropriate carping began. This graph on that negative unhelpful innapropriate carping blog Mumbrella (dumb name, dumb site), for example. All they can do is say sales of the West during the week plunged by 8.7%, and 3.8% on Saturday. Sheesh! The West Australian is surging, as any fule kno.figures

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22 Responses to The West Australian: great success!

  1. I only use the West when I am cutting out words and collating ransom letters.


  2. Plunged is such an ugly word. I prefer tanked. Or plonged.
    So what they are saying is thank you for not letting us tank as fast as the others?


  3. Rolly says:

    The weekend issue gives me more material with which to line the bird cage.


  4. Craig says:

    Does it make a difference that WA has no other choice of newspaper? So assuming a similar percentage of newspaper readers per population as any other state, but other states have a choice of newspapers, and only a small percentage of readers buy more than one daily paper….it’s not that impressive a statistic.


  5. Pete F says:

    Throw in population growth and the figure grows again.


  6. skink says:

    note that the Audit Bureau figures are for circulation, not sales. Most of these newspapers keep their circulation up by dumping vast numbers of unsold copies in hotels, airports, libraries, universities etc.

    use of the term ‘biggest-selling’ is, like, totally bogus.


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