most luxurious golf putter

This email freaked me out. It’s from France, and began: “If you have not received my last email is that you are in vacation.”

How do they know in France I was on holiday? They must have had an operative eavesdropping on the Shazzanator talking about my Facebook pics of my morning tea with the Intakes. But they are confused too: “If this isn’t the case, I’m confused! As we say in France << It’s always twice better than once>>!” Vraiment??

But I’m glad the ValGrine people got in touch about thier VG001Blade — Dandy putter: “ValGrine is the unique alliance between the passion of art, the legacy of knowledge and performance requirement. A timeless fusion, avant-garde and revolutionary. New interpretation of luxury, the creator Gregory Moreau creates the most luxurious golf putter in the world. It’s an discovery of artistic and technical  made ​​by competent men in France!”

I hope this superb writing from the release press is on the website: “Luxury spreads its nuggets of perfection as soon as a ValGrine putter is born. More than 30 craftsmen, 50 stages, more than 100 hours, and more than 1,000 different process are required, the blacksmith shapes the curve, the master engraver leaves an indelible and so personal, the master jeweler crimps gems to make an exceptional piece, the lether master reveals the uniqueness of a special skin for grip…Manufactured in France, in the cradle of excellence, ValGrine putters are the stuff of priceless pieces of excellence. Realise your image and your desire for uniqueness.”valgrine

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