amused but confused

Golden Rule #8 for young reporters: read the archives before you file. That might have saved Inside Cover in today’s West some egg on face. The reporter is “amused but confused” by a strange boat on the Swan earlier this month. If only she had read the West of December 15-16 2012, where Alex Forrest said an earlier report was one of his motoring highlights of the year – and found the information to clear up the confusion.


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3 Responses to amused but confused

  1. Russell Woolf's Lovechild says:

    The little Gen Y kids who are the only ones who haven’t taken a pay-out from the dead tree media don’t read newspapers. With Teh Worst who can blame them?


  2. Bento says:

    If you knew how the sausage was made, would you eat the sausage?

    I happened to read IC in a doctor’s waiting room the other day. I was astounded at how desperately lame it has become. Was I just younger and less discerning, or was it reasonably amusing about 15 years ago?


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