Perth Preppers

Apologies for no Outrage Sunday, but I have been preparing for an exciting event which starts in an hour: Perth Preppers Survival 2012 Coffee at the Mall (you might need to be a Meetup member to see the link).

“This is a great way to chat and introduce yourself, get to know each other, find out any new information and see what’s new relevant, and important for things to watch, on the 2012 2013 calendar, such is the December 21st 23rd Timeline , and other Geo political events that are upcoming , that need to be discussed . planning preparation , and other topics in this field. like I always say, better to be prepared, than not prepared at all. on for Tuesday afternoon Tuesday 30th October at 2 pm see you there. if your a Prepper , and have made a start at prepping, and wish to become part of something real, we will welcome you. Awake active and ready, we are here for each other, hope to see you there, lots of interesting things to discuss, See you there.”

Will your motors run on petrol, LPG, kero, jet fuel, or sump oil? Will you join Matt in his awesome bunker? Remember: “A fist is stronger than a finger”.

It’s in Cockburn, so I’d better get my skates on! Thanks to Wikipedia for the pic!

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38 Responses to Perth Preppers

  1. Bento says:

    Loony meet-ups are the new blurry dog and verge collection pic.


  2. mrsstone says:

    I like to know about “important for things to watch” and I like to be prepared. Seems a natural fit for me. Shame I’ll be busy revising my Mayan calendar events for December tonight.


  3. skink says:

    are tinfoil hats required?


  4. Watts on first ? Now i know everybody is preparin for the singularity. Two principles for the determination of its direction come to mind : survival of the fittest and the law of supply and demand. My prediction : somhow or rather we will lose control over robot bees.


  5. Howie says:

    Well thank you for your review of Perth Preppers, I must admit to be suppressed that we were on your blog, as you can understand , we value discretion , and most of our members are of this mindset. after all the stigma attached to any prepping in any form, is looked upon , by many to somehow be threatening and totally crazy, as many people never see the need to do any preparation, at all, no one is suggesting that any event may take place on December 21st, but to totally discount the idea , that someday an event , or events may occur that may challenge our way of life, to have preparation for such an event , is in our mind, short sighted and does not take into account that at this point in time , the World has become a very unpredictable place, and that some preparation for an unforseen event, is better than no preparation at all, I for one , was caught out, being unprepared when we lost power, for almost 7 days, this meant that our food in our fridges spoilt, there was no power in our home, plain and simple we had no choice but to suffer, when we stop thinking others like the power company or government can save us all from nature’s fury , remember the hail stones, flooding and the cleanup, remember hurricane Sandy, how many people still suffer today
    just remember to pause and think is better than not thinking at all, better to be ready than not at all to please feel free to write to me at Perth Preppers rottobloggo, and I will be happy to explain why you had seen no one on the day, thanks for your interesting blog.


    • Bento says:

      Only the Illuminati use full stops.


      • skink says:

        the Preppers are stockpiling commas in case there is a shortage when the apocalypse comes.
        just think what they will be worth on the black market.
        have you read ‘The Road’?
        after armageddon there will be no inverted commas and speech will be unpunctuated.


    • rottobloggo says:

      Maaate, if you fail to prepare, you may as well, prepare to fail, no argument here, what about when TLA self-combusts and it goes nuclear, due to, the government infusing the Chemtrails, with the spritz of mashed Donnybrook apples, we will have no choice, but to suffer, I won’t be unprepared, it is both unpredictable and inevitable.


      • Shazza says:

        So Howie you must have a great superannuation account balance? Am I Right? Prepared for your early retirement. Well ahead of the game. Any advice?


    • orbea says:

      I’m surprised you felt suppressed by appearing on a blog, but if you feel ok by spreading very low statistical likelihood of detrimental incidents then go for it.
      On the day of the hail stones March 2010, I rode my bike home six kays and didnt get wet. Panic away scaredy boy yolo


  6. janezee says:

    It doesn’t, make sence.


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  8. Slanderer says:

    And the “related content” links in the article are updates on the Dockers’ preseason progress.


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