Outrage Sunday 59 nighthawks

Pete F. was late-night shopping in Wembley for pelmets when he stumbled across this.

Miss Taken was strolling home from a slap-up tom yum in Northbridge when she saw this.

And your reporter was walking the Labradors past Alfred’s when he saw these dessicated Odor-Eaters. Part of the horror was being taken back to 1981 at Rossmoyne SHS. There was a scuffle in the line for the morning recess cheesies, punches were thrown – and in the mêlée Mark Robertson’s Adidas came off. People gasped as his Odor-Eaters flopped  out of his footwear. All you could hear was the melting of the cheese – and then the taunts began. Lord of the Flies, but south of the river. The violence and cruelty surpassed anything Snuff ever saw at Churchlands. AND we always thrashed them in swimming and athletics.

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27 Responses to Outrage Sunday 59 nighthawks

  1. janezee says:

    Elovalis’ is an amazing building.


  2. janezee says:

    That Elovalis building is an amazing junkyard made of glass.


  3. janezee says:

    Oh fucking hell, I blame WordPress. Obviously I didn’t realise the first post actually made it. how embsg.


  4. Snuff says:

    Not I, DFOC. My violence and cruelty came from the Jesuits at St. Louis until I escaped to Hollywood.


  5. Bento says:

    TWOP now with 67% less focus!


  6. orbea says:

    What’s going on in the mobile home photo – worst-wise?


  7. Joel T says:

    Hi-fi centre sign is a not worst, for reals. Does the old guy still live upstairs in that building?


  8. Alana says:

    Does anyone have any more information on that V. M. Elovalis and Sons building? what it was and what it is now?


  9. El Guisto says:

    The Elovalis building was a bit like an early JB hifi although more geared towards electronics than CDs or records as it was then. Say a cross between jb and dick smith.
    Now it is a boarded up building with piled junk old electronica and an orgy of yellowing stacks of newspapers.
    I used to pass it regularly on foot and parked behind it on many occasion. It features a garden that largely appeals to the north ridge cat population. To my knowledge it has been in its current state of dress for over 20 years. I do seem to remember an elderly gent checking to see if I was parking across the rear access once.
    Why it is not sold, developed etc…maybe an elderly owner and a gaggle of progeny eagerly rubbing their hands together awaiting his/her demise? I cannot truthfully say.


  10. El Guisto says:

    It must have been quite a landmark in its day…


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