Bento glassing

Admit it, fellas. Who among us hasn’t looked at our significant other and thought: “I wish I could put you in a snifter.”
It reminded me of a song from simpler days, when men were (weird) men, and women were … portable.
Pics below. By Gareth T, Carousel.
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10 Responses to Bento glassing

  1. mrsstone says:



  2. NF#1 says:

    And here I was thinking this fantastic worst might incite a Granda Move House quality and quantity of response.


    • rottobloggo says:

      Go figure. It’s sometimes hard to predict what type of bread the masses want.


    • Bento says:

      Pigs, the lot of them. They get a pre-fab cock and tiny little lady in a glass, and they’ve got nothing to say.

      I wonder how this business survives in these days of tech-savvy youths and their Photoshops.


    • janezee says:

      I keep seeing Grandma Move House parked on Canning Hwy, a few blocks before the bridge heading towards Freo, where it’s impossible to pull over and take a picture. It has lost a couple of graphics panels so is less explicable than ever. yes I know no pic = no worst. But still.


      • mrsstone says:

        Yeah, Iv’e seen an anal bleaching advert on the back of a car down the road but it’s parked in an impossible spot for pic taking. Must try harder.


    • Sometimes they’re so good there’s nothing to say


  3. Rebalehan says:

    Portable, surely you mean potable


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