Wildcat Zebra

Amateur or wildcat zebra crossing in Preston point Road. By GB.

About The Lazy Aussie

Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.
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11 Responses to Wildcat Zebra

  1. mancey says:

    Looks legit


  2. mancey says:

    Btw, has anyone else noticed that the Coles delivery trucks have personalized names? Like Miranda and Lucy?
    Anyone know if they are named after the driver or are just a name bestowed on the truck (ala the nanna coke can bong). I ask because I saw one the other day called “Cole”. Either that is an incredibly apt name for a coles truck driver, or the guy that names the trucks has as much imagination as a slab of concrete


  3. rottobloggo says:

    Nice pics. Moody.


  4. orbea says:

    with added pixellation
    Every Xxxx Cunt Xxx stop right here


  5. mancey says:

    Tag pixellated now?


  6. The Legend 101 says:

    Nice Video Orbea.


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