Outrage Sunday 41 soft

On Rottnest: boys’ fishing trip. All fine until someone took out his washing powder with fabric softener.

Fuck me drunk. Did our Diggers skate into the hails of bullfrogs at Wipers so their children could use fabric softener? Did we stop the bloodthirsty Nurry-Nurrys cold in their tracks at Earls Court with our bare punji sticks so Aussie men could go home to their wives smelling nice? Did the Anzacs refuse to jump over Oslo because their parachutes were scratchy? Thank you. I said THANK you.

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21 Responses to Outrage Sunday 41 soft

  1. The Legend 101 says:

    This stuff reminds me of Napisan?


  2. sharon says:

    Frangipani? That’s a man whose comfortable in his masculinity.


  3. Hugh Jass says:

    Jesus christ, calm down you lot. Can’t you READ?



  4. Bento says:

    That’s the sort of man who shaves on holiday.


  5. Good day sir. I say good day. Oh I’m drunk. Hooray!


  6. The Lana Del Ray of washing powders.


  7. Scon Bott says:

    The Worst to end all Worsts is on the front page of Perth Now (big rock, Morley markets, Gina Rhinehart, poetry etc) and you serve up washing powder?


  8. oh come on DFOC it’s just a touch


  9. Were you shooting an episode of Glee over there?


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