House. Bentley. By Banal ology. (I may have hurried Banal a little when choosing a name). Outrage will be pleased at the number of Newspapers, even though they seem to have chosen The Sunday Times and Community News.House Bentley

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Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.
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29 Responses to Bentley

  1. The Legend 101 says:

    Bentley is a useless and very dangerous Suburb!


  2. RubyRuby says:

    Morning after a big night before… of pass the parcel?


    • Hadn’t thought of that. A four week pass the parcel binge!


      • RubyRuby says:

        On another note – listening to news from the UK… where would our riots kick off, then? I’m thinking Bentley could be a contender, but for the international coverage side of things, I’m hoping for Innaloo or Upper Swan…!


        • Pete says:

          The earlierCurtin attempt at rioting didn’t go so well. Perhaps Bentley will have a stronger run.


        • BRIK says:

          We could loot the Ikea. Might take a while though.


        • RubyRuby says:

          Intrepid 720 correspondent from Manchester this morning… describing Piccadilly Gardens as the Forrest Chase of Manc (I LOL’d) and then Arndale Centre (I think that’s what she said?) as Hay Street… Described how the police and local businesses had co-operated to get everyone out of the city centre by 6pm, shutting early, encouraging people to get onto trams and busses, and then stopping public transport returning into town.

          I don’t know, but this sounds eerily familiar… but I don’t know that there’s a policy in Perth.


  3. RubyRuby says:

    Where did my comment go? Was I too busy sniggering to hit the right button?


  4. vegan says:

    i am hoping that there are also 75 or so cats. and a little old lady.


    • Lucky Star says:

      This is what happens when the little old lady forgets to pay Home Help. She’s under there somewhere looking for the TV guide to check when The Bold And The Beautiful starts.


  5. rottobloggo says:

    Local knowledge may hold the key.


  6. RubyRuby says:

    An art installation?


  7. Bartender's Skills with a Manhatten says:

    I give up.

    What in nine yards of plate glass hell am I looking at here?


  8. langhorne says:

    Bentley? More like a Kia


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