Outrage Sunday Sonnet 12


The Taj Mahal is made in China. Yes,

I am knowing I look like Steve Carrel.

As well as my souvenirs costing less,

It is a difference point when I sell.

How it changes colour, please to admire,

When the refinery makes some mistakes.

Snow dome mausoleum’s morning fire,

Turn the Ixus flashes into snowflakes.

Please to jostle past the Diana bench,

A Grand Forks lady died here yesterday.

Taking more photos distracts from the stench.

Next year will you be ticking Pompeii?

Postcards? Hashish? Lego? Mind the dead dog,

G’day mate, and clear your mind of the fog.


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27 Responses to Outrage Sunday Sonnet 12

  1. The Legend 101 says:

    The Taj Mahel was not made in China, Its made In India this is a real outrage!


  2. Rouei says:

    I love the poem, good use of IRONY.
    May I ask who is in the last picture? That isn’t you is it rottobloggo?
    Nice hat anyway :)


  3. NF#1 says:

    Scansion appalling, and no caesura. Hmmph.


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