Weekend Worstoff 144

Bad spelling is the new dumbarse number plate. Havelock St. West Perth. By The Colour H. Kermit Zone by Meccano, North Melbourne.The baby picture which for some reason I haven’t used before. I have covered another angle of the shop years ago, but can’t remember when. By IanB. And one more from The Colour H. National Hotel Fremantle.Worst well.

About The Lazy Aussie

Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.
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23 Responses to Weekend Worstoff 144

  1. Snuff says:

    I’m reminded by the last one of the beautiful Lake Eacham Hotel in banjoland Yungaburra where, as you can see, they installed ladders from the rooms upstairs as a fire safety measure, which according to the locals have caused more injuries than anything else in the town.


  2. WAtching says:

    Why should I show Coution? Bewear of THAT dog? I don’t think so. I say If you’ve got it, Fluant it.



  3. Russell Woolf's Lovechild says:

    Bewear of Dog App? Bloody iPhones.


    • WA_side says:

      I’m not sure whether the sign writer is paid for advertising Dog.app (you missed the DOT, Lovechild) but most importantly I can’t see how to Be it or Wear it. I guess I’m just not existential enough.

      Personally though, with the addition of an “r”, and some minor formatting I think it reads as well as many other published poems:
      Of dog.app


  4. 2bob says:

    What that toddler needs some texta flange. Then she could really fluant it.

    Witches poles? Must be a retro revival thing.


  5. The Legend 101 says:

    My its the gaurd dog at the apple store it’s name is App get it.


  6. Bag O'Turnips says:

    There’s some grand Worsting going on this weekend, as if to make amends for last week’s paucity of Worsts: another case of horrid signwriting going on there in Midland, with not only the somewhat eerily pallid baby, but what in heaven’s name is going on with the sign? I mean, “Baby Goodie” sounds like it could be one of the Superchaps Three (the original choice of name prior to settling on “The Goodies”), but it looks like neither one of the three. And to cap off this amateur hour effort, they’ve had the unmitigated temerity to mix Arial with Helvetica…talk about confused!

    As for Havelock Street, well, I had the pleasure of witnessing a domestic going on in broad daylight, in front of all-and-sundry, so maybe the bogan fish-out-of-water might have the said dog, or at least the iPhone app on their little status symbol.

    I do also rather find myself tickled by the curious placement of the traffic cones wrapped around the verandah posts at The Nasho, given its history of being an arson target; perhaps they’re taking a pre-emptive coution.

    Finally, North Melbourne is known to be something a magnet for lefties, given that it falls within the Federal Division of Melbourne, which of course is the electorate that Labored’s Lindsay Tanner bailed out of, knowing that it’d fall to Teh Greens’ Adam Bandt, which as we all know, it certainly did. But being the only Green Member in the House Of Representatives can no doubt be an arduous task (putting up with the likes of Mad Monk, Shrek and Teh Pynehead would send any sane person batshit crazy!), thus it makes sense that Kermit De Frog is their local talisman, for it was he who did indeed sing, “It’s not easy being Green”.

    Worst Well to you too, TLA and others here.


  7. The Legend 101 says:

    where have you been Bag Of Turnips?


    • Bag O'Turnips says:

      Getting my head straight, so I can be happily warped again, of which I am once again!

      Strange as it sounds TL 101 (and other TWOPpers here, hello), when my head’s cluttered, I can’t do warped; instead I get all serious. That’s when I know I’m nurries-deep in the muddy when I lose perspective.

      Sounds wired, but I can’t be gaint with teh Ooshta when I’m in the wrong headspace. Ergo my Havelock Street observations…it proves that the lunatics live outside the asylum, like that shouty bogan (possibly the owner of the coution dog.app) I had the pleasure of witnessing last week.

      If you ever get unhinged (and have top-level health insurance), there’s no better place to be, I recommend it! The food’s good too. Not Worst. That title belongs to D20 (other slightly mad budding Murdocks like me will know what I’m talking about here).


  8. Fiona of Mount Lawley says:

    I like the mural on the side wall of “Baby Goodie”. There is a disconcerting combination of a mannikin-like blankness of face, and a style reminiscent of Gaugins (or is Cezannes ?) Tahitian pictures. I’m pretty certain it was Gaugin, the pose is similar to those pictures too.


  9. Rolly says:

    At least the “Baby Goodie” does not, unlike a certain “House of Ill Repute” (now vanished) advertise “Rear Entrance” despite the current fad for the same with juveniles.


  10. Paracleet says:

    There’s something appealing about the Kermit Zone. Not Worst.


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