Bubby J, come out and play

Surely this is a joke? And yet it’s set up outside Wesley Church on William Street. In any case, worthy of being shown. By Simon B. Also sent in by Mars.

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86 Responses to Bubby J, come out and play

  1. shazza says:

    Holy hell in a handbasket. This has got to be a joke TLA. Surely! Surely?


  2. E.V. says:

    See? Mary was inseminated after all.


  3. WAtching says:

    Photo opportunity indeed.


    • Snuff says:

      And then some, WAtching. Those signs are a pretty good worst themselves, although if they’re mobile they could be fun to creatively relocate.

      Woah. Just woah. Henk ?


  4. David cohen says:

    Steal the spirit
    of a floating Bubby J?
    I am frankincensed.


  5. David cohen says:

    Is news: see West online. Is art by agnostic.


  6. JaneZ says:

    Oh my fucking God. That may be the weirdest thing I have ever seen.


  7. Hugh Jass says:

    Great photo opportunity.

    WOULD VIEW AGAIN AAA++++++++++++++


  8. David cohen says:

    Good King Westminster
    night knifecrimed on William:
    CCTV feast.


  9. Russell Woolf's Lovechild says:

    The Baby Jesus says all “street artists” will go to hell for all time. Particularly after this effort.


  10. langhorne says:

    That is truly Worst.


  11. SnoopDoug says:

    In the city? I’m so going in for a photo.


  12. Bill O'Slatter says:

    In bizarro news , Hurben, an agnostic, said he was always “trying to make people question things”.


  13. shazza says:

    They were just chatting about this on 720 am. Apparently the Wesley flock have been “overwhelmed by the response”, meaning lots of young people have been sticking their heads into baby J and taking photos. Seems the congregation haven’t got the joke yet.


  14. Onanist says:

    Great name for a band


  15. JaneZ says:

    You know this may be a rare instance of actual honest to god vibrancy, right here in Perth.


  16. pete says:

    I’m deeply offended by that. I don’t care what your belief system – trying to tell people that Jesus rhymes with Foetus is just not on.


  17. WAtching says:

    ‘sent in by Simon B.’

    Unemployed shock jock?


  18. Bag O'Turnips says:

    Would those who stick their mugs in the hole for the photo op become Born Again Christians when they reach full term and pop out?


  19. Bag O'Turnips says:

    Jokes aside, maybe the Wesley Church’s point they are trying to get across, albeit with dodgy graphic design combined with kitsch, of which unfortunately doesn’t quite come off and becoming a sideshow unto itself, is that we can be Jesus, rather than just Christians, of whom many can be insufferable bigots who completely lose the point in their earnestness of what it means to follow and identify with Christ.

    In his iteration as DC Root in ROOT! (a.k.a. Damien Cowell or Humphrey B. Flaubert of TISM), as eloquent as ever in any aforementioned guise but with a hitherto now uncharacteristic sincerity, explains this message: a subtle, but vast, difference.


  20. Mez says:

    ding dong

    [the church doors open (slowly and a sliver of light falls etc..)]

    Baby Jesus (sotto voce): yeeeeeeees?

    Buff Jesus: oh, hi… ummm, it’s about the sign…

    BJ: you mean the burning bush

    BJ: ….that’s such an old gag…

    BJ: sorry


  21. NVL_II says:

    I genuinely think this is fantastic.

    Well done Hurben, and amazingly, the church has commissioned probably the most cutting edge artwork that has been seen, anywhere in 2010.

    For the record, I am 100% atheist, and I have problems believing there even was a “jesus”. But this, is fucking greatness.


    • Jaidyn-Jaxxon says:

      It’s about as cutting edge as the Dead Sea Scrolls. Putting aside, for a moment, the reason it’s out there in the first place (benign community outreach … believe it at your peril), teh execution is just plain shitty.
      To start with, the panel on the right is totally redundant. We know it’s Joseph and Mary, it’s right outside a Church at Christmas ffs so we know who the foetus is too. Even were this not the case, the best place for an explanatory panel would be under the first one, elevating it by a foot or so – it’s a question of demography. As it stands, this is an excellent ‘photo opportunity’ for dwarfs, very young children and pets. Everyone else is excluded, unless you plan to grovel on the floor.
      Obviously the lettering is beyond reproach, moving on-

      How are we to understand this work? Certainly, there is a suggestion of some pretty edgy themes – JESUS FOETUS? Sounds pretty sophisticated. Like, Jesus was a foetus (must’ve been, as Mary was pregnant before He was born so it stands to reason), and, y’know, like TOPICAL! Do foetuses have rights? Does Jesus speak for the foetuses? Pretty big questions and perhaps an arena in which the Church has a unique contribution to make… I mean they’ve already got the ball rolling with this awesome thought-provoking installation at a time when everyone else is festooned with empty consumerism… some questions need to be answered, not just from what’s in our heads, but from what’s in our hearts…. Etc.

      But as far as the work functions – how are we to interact with it? We are invited to stick our face in the hole, to place our self in the Jesus foetus and have a photo taken. To reiterate – we put our face on a foetal Jesus a month before Christmas. It’s a symbolic act – symbolic of rebirth in Christ Jesus which is exactly what Christmas is all about. It’s recorded on your camera, it’s become a fun memory to recall while you’re on your Christmas break, and the seed is sown. It’s about as subversive as anything else the Church puts out, the appearance of meaning, the allure of nebulous possibilities, all of which resolve neatly into a conversion if you can only be persuaded to attend a few sermons – or conversation groups – or rock concerts. The only difference between this and your standard ‘People and Dinosaurs – teh Hidden Truth’ seminar is that this one looks like art.


      • Orbea says:

        a figurative rebirth, kneeling before the church, yet facing away and presenting the head to commerce and arse to the priest

        the act of moving toward the hole, the descent down the birth canal, merconium substituted with Boag’s semi digested, yet the hole is not the welcoming glove of the vagina, the uterus is missing, we are left with no impetus to be reborn, despite our own desire it cannot be resolved, we are fodder for the hypervisual texture of the city, camera phones are ubiquitous, ignorance and meh’dom abounds.

        My knees hurt, the priest is considering a retreat, I’m not reborn and for some reason I have “Space Oddity” going round my brain.

        Much prefer this


      • NVL_II says:

        What a load of wank.


        • Jaidyn-Jaxxon says:

          Yeah I suppose you’re right. Reading too much into things, I guess. Art really should be appraised on a pass/fail basis, perhaps using our impressions of how great or cutting edge it is to decide whether we approve of it or not. You just can’t get bogged down in all that tedious detail – a thing is either totes rad or it’s not and that’s all there is to it. We should just be grateful people are making the effort to put out such fantastic amazing work right there on the street where everyone can enjoy it for free.


  22. B.T. says:

    I’ve looked at thsi several times, and I can’t shake the uneasy feeling that this is some sort of subtle pro-life message. Any time churches (or Jesus) and foetuses are on the same sign… it isn’t a pro choice combo.

    The bestest worstest bumper sticker I’ve ever seen has Mary and Bubby J and the words “If Mary had been pro choice, there would be no Christmas.


  23. Bento says:

    I really hope next week we can have some actors come along and argue about the importance and purity of acting.


  24. The Legend 101 says:

    That is just stupid and Bento has been acting strange.


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