Anubis God of Lawyers

Rob F was wondering if it’s just a little too obvious to have Anubis the jackal god adorning the hallway of the law chambers across from the central law courts. Every day on your way to the toilet, you’d be reminded of the jackal’s  role in scavenging from corpses, and Anubis, in his role of embalmer dressing up corruption and decay. Maybe that’s the point? Why not go with his half brother Horus? I mean you could make Whore-Arse out of that, but going straight for Jackal god? I really don’t know about that. I thought he was supposed to hold a flail too, so am a little concerned that he seems to have those vibrating exercise weights that are popular these days. Goes nicely with the Hindu monkey god from the other day though.

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8 Responses to Anubis God of Lawyers

  1. alexei gregorov says:

    I’m sick of people making fun of lawyers. Why don’t you all go pick on groups who deserve it, like nurses, firefighters, special children or paramedics?


  2. Grrr says:

    My rusty brain recalls, and wikipedia confirms, that Anubis took the dead to Osiris for judgement.

    I’m sure the legal fraternity wouldn’t want to set themselves up above the judges.

    That or this is an open hallmark of some sort of Skull and Bones style group manipulating the people of Perth for their own nefarious ends.

    Who keeps the train drivers on strike? They do. They do.
    Who keeps the major arteries clogged by roadworks? They do. They do.
    Who’s responsible for the Perth Arena? They are. They are.



  3. Peter says:

    My guess is that they had to unscrew the ashtray holder section off in around 1989.


  4. Daniel Jackson says:

    I better notify SG-1 about this.


  5. Auth says:

    – Hahahaha! This just reminded me of my fovirate funny moment of 2009: the groom and his best man spent a good 20 minutes pinning on these spectacularly large and lacy and vulgar and chintzy boutonnieres before someone pointed out that they were actually the mom’s corsages. Beautiful image. :)


  6. Rusty says:

    Anubis in legend helped Isis to re-assemble and re-animate the god Osiris. He brought the souls of the deceased before Maat to have their hearts weighed, to see if they were worthy to be allowed into the afterlife or have their souls fed to a demon-beast. It is appropriate to think of him in a context relating to bringing people before judgment. It is also not out of school to think of him in the context of helping people put themselves and their broken lives back together. Rather than “dressing up corruption” he can be viewed as granting some modicum of respect and dignity to those who would otherwise have no way to do so for themselves.


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