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28 Responses to Taxi!

  1. Jaidyn-Jaxxon says:

    Knee-jerk preaction
    Detects masculine thought crime
    First time, every time


  2. DMc says:

    I think it’s the way the “T” is on top, which is a clear reference to Mister-T and the domination of males over all, particularly the feminine “i” which is, in turn, a clear personalisation of the message, as in “I” or “me”.

    The fact that the “i” is not capitalised refers to the impending election and the belief that women should not have the right to express themselves through vote.

    Or maybe it’s just a fxcking taxi stand with some fxcking horrible black mulch and brick paving around it. Were there any Satterley homes or black roofs in view, TLA?


  3. Russell Woolf's Lovechild says:

    Phallocentric “T”. And don’t even get me started on that “i”.


  4. skib says:

    I guess I’m not enough of a wacko to come up with a good feminut angle here. Blue for boys? Taxi drivers predominantly male? Some drivers extorting sexual favours etc? I just know I’m getting close here.


  5. So “Vagi” would be better?


  6. richarbl says:

    Maybe the dimpled finish on the sign represents cellulite?


  7. Natalia Fan #1 says:

    Come to think of it, I don’t recall ever having had a female taxi driver.


  8. Bento says:

    Wonder if this will entice the Hoydenites to stick their heads above the hegemonic trenches.


  9. Bill O'Slatter says:

    Greggo had been waitin for an hour at the taxi rank for a fare.. Hmmm he thought, if I put this sticker on the taxi sign this will advance the dialectic. Fortunately after he had done this a little old lady with a gold card had got into his cab.
    ” Just down the road my good serf” she said. After he had wound the 5.2.l engine up and gone around the block ten times the fare would turn out alright.


    • greggo says:

      You’re winding the clock back on the dialectic, letting an old lady into the taxi would be highly sexist. As for “Gold Card!?” Are you wearing polyester slacks?


  10. greggo says:

    It’s an erect taxi sign for fucksake. Probably for taxis going to the Curtin Octoberfest.


  11. skink says:

    I think this deserves a link to one of the most magnificent breathless rants on speakyerbranes:


    • shazza says:

      In anticipation of Abbott getting in tommorrow I have started to medicate myself. So despite trying to read most of the link, I gave up a short way in knowing the the general thrust of the rant. I wish I had the capacity to make some witticism without sounding bitter, but ……”Fuck you arsehole” is about as good as it gets tonight.


    • G'day from WA says:

      That was actually quite hilarious until he got to the advice for women on how not to get raped.

      And then the comments pick up the mood again.


      • shazza says:

        Now I’ve sobered up I retuned to link and read the entire diatribe. Wooohee!
        As G’day said, the comments were uplifting, and as usual hilarious.


    • Natalia Fan #1 says:

      I meant to thank you earlier Skink for the heads up on speakyerbranes. I use the random bigoted comment generator regularly as inspiration for my Perth Now etc posts. My greatest coup is suggesting that the Army Reserves should be brought in no matter which issue – “boat people” or Ben Cousins.


  12. David Cohen says:

    When tomorrow comes
    The hand-wringers shout “Taxi!”
    Permafrost prevails.


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