Indian Ocean

Ronggly sent this shot of the Indian Ocean Hotel in Scarborough so that historians will know the essence of Perth in the early years of the century. And in the several decades of the last. It’s just so Perth. A salmon brick hotel from the worst period of WA architecture,  with palm trees, one burnt, one half burnt. But I like it. These are shots that would make me homesick if I were overseas. It just says Perth to me. Much better on the eye than Ray O’Connor’s Observation City.I just remembered photoshop has a vibrance filter. I applied it to the palms. What a difference. I’ve just checked their website which says that The Rolling Stones and Led Zepplin stayed there (1971 & 1973). On the down side, John Bono  Butler has regularly played there too.

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76 Responses to Indian Ocean

  1. Gregoryno6 says:

    From the same people who put those high rise blocks all over Maylands? Or was everything over two stories built to some unwritten standard?


  2. Snuff says:

    The notion that a hotel’s music history would be based on who’s stayed, rather than played there, is an intriguing one, TLA. And I note a familiar name performing there last Saturday, and this Sunday.


  3. WAtching says:

    Nice photos there Ronggly. What I love about the Indi is the undulating carparks.

    It’s strange, but I could find no mention of them on their website.


    • ronggly says:

      The photos only capture a hint, I’m afraid. You need to
      stand in that carpark and gaze around you to get the full experience. Then, dodge the broken stubbies, and head into the White Sands Public Bar for a middy and skimpies. It doesn’t get much better than that.


  4. skink says:

    have they redecorated since The Stones stayed there?

    I suspect not

    ‘direct dial phones’ wow.

    Do the TV’s have those new fangled remote control thingies?


  5. shazza says:

    Can anyone make out the sign at the tip of the building.
    Open Book Here??


  6. Shreiking Wombat says:

    Did the Stones have a wild night with the Hotel Roo’s? Anyone know?


    • Shreiking Wombat says:

      Sorry, now I get it. The Hotel Roos morphed into the Scarborough Sluts.


    • I wonder why they stayed out at Scabs. I think Teh Stones played in a vanished worst venue around where the Parmelia is now. I think.


      • Snuff says:

        I’ll check when I get a monemt, TLA, but I think it was the WACA.


        • munkipants says:

          Correctamundo Snuff:

          “In February 1973 the Rolling Stones played a daytime concert at the WACA as part of their Pacific Tour.”


          • A person I used to work with said she saw them at some ballroom place in centre of town.


            • munkipants says:

              Can’t find anything official TLA. Might have been an unadvertised gig?



            • phreestyle says:

              The Embassy ballroom?

              A great venue. Saw AC/DC and Skyhooks there. Also lost my virginity in a planter box in the carpark. Ah, the romance.


            • Snuff says:

              The magnificent Embassy was the only ballroom in the CBD, as far as I know, TLA. As I may have previously mentioned, I was fortunate enough to have attended the last 2 gigs ever played there; Simple Minds and Stray Cats, but I’ve never heard so much as a rumour of an unofficial Stones gig there. Steve Gordon or Marshall Martin are probably the only people whom might have heard otherwise, but I can only presume your workmate may have accessed the Stones’ rider. IIRC, Chain played the support gig.

              As for why Scabs, were I visiting Perth in February, I’d want to be near the beach too, not to mention the other obvious attractions.


            • Snuff says:

              I think she was probably referring to the 3 gigs they played at the Capitol Theatre in ’65, TLA. Now long gone, they replaced it with this.


              • Frank Calabrese says:

                And the Capitol was also the scene where a young Normie Rowe was demonstrating his football skills with a punter’s head, as reported here:

                There were plenty of outside broadcasts that went off smoothly enough but one other that made headlines around Australia and well worth a mention here was the Normie Rowe Concert from the Capitol Theatre. Max Bostock has mentioned this in his entertaining, recently recorded video recollections with Richard Ashton and Gordon McColl.

                The now demolished Capitol Theatre was at the river end of William Street in Perth

                The public were getting used to a little “excitement” at Rock n Roll concerts by the mid 1960s but this was Perth where things didn’t usually get out of hand and, a private security company had been hired by the concert organisers just in case anything untoward did occur. As the concert progressed the audience left their seats and pressed hard up against the stage. What happened next is open to interpretation. I know what I saw but describing the specific incident in detail here, even after more than 30 years could be controversial and would serve no useful purpose. It’s enough to say something happened that triggered mayhem, and as the saying goes, “It was on for young and old” with girls climbing onto the stage two and three at a time. The security guards appeared to lose control of the stage completely, and, girls were literally thrown back out into the audience, (I’m not saying or even hinting at who was doing the throwing?) Everyone in the audience then left their seats, screaming and yelling as fights started in the auditorium – there were also punch-ups on the stage.

                Isn’t it wonderful he kicked me too!

                At about the time, when things started to get really interesting for television, we had a major technical problem. Two out of our three cameras packed up! I was on camera 3 on the right-hand side of the balcony and seemed to have the only camera still operating. I could see things happening all over the theatre but could only get one thing at a time. I decided to concentrate on the happenings on stage as due to the absolute chaos and deafening noise coming from everywhere I couldn’t hear the director in the OB van

                This incident and the negative publicity it generated inevitably lead to litigation, possibly between the concert organisers and the security company, though after more than 30 years I can’t be sure now who was suing whom? I believe the video recordings we did manage to get were used as evidence in court.



          • phreestyle says:

            I saw that gig – well heard it anyway.

            My mate’s dad was the Sgt in charge of the lockup at the causeway police station. They had a house on the roof of the cop shop and he invited me over to see the gig.

            I was more impressed by the house on the roof than the Stones. What a callow youth I was.


  7. munkipants says:

    Off the track –

    “Johnny Young is looking forward to the long weekend… despite the Perth heatwave!”

    How long have you guys had Johnny Young living in Perth?
    And doesn’t he look like Ricky Gervais in that photo?


  8. Pfortner says:

    Not just Hotel Roos but Holiday Un and Direct Dial Pho! It’s got it all


  9. skink says:

    re Media140:

    Gareth Parker of Teh West was on ABC drive last night with his summary of the event

    his conclusion was that nobody really knew how social media could best be harnessed to business and his advice to any business considering a social media strategy was to wait to see if it is all just a flash in the pan

    he confirmed that Teh West has no policy in regard to social media

    sounds even more pointless than the Landcorp thing

    at least they all got to doodle monorails on their napkins.


    • Freocookster says:

      Have you seen the photos of Gareth on stage with his head wired up like he’s about to lip synch at a Britney gig?

      No wonder he wasn’t making sense post-Media140. ‘Flash in the pan?’ Really?


  10. Shreiking Wombat says:

    “he confirmed that Teh West has no policy in regard to social media.”

    That comes as no surprise, as it took them 10 years to sort their website out. And it’s still shit.


  11. Thomo says:

    I’d like to suggest a new WOP meme to replace the cocus palms.. the ‘bogan burial mound’. I have two near me, what was once a pile of sand, which has been left to the ages and overgrown with grass and wild oats.. There’s one on Coode Street which almost completely blocks out the house behind it, the view from the living room must be amazing!

    Will try and get shots of both over the weekend..


  12. The Legend 101 says:

    Whats this spose to be about a plain old hotel.


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  14. james says:

    Hi, Led Zeppelin definitely did not stay here, they stayed up the road at the Contacio on West Coast Highway. Stones definitely did stay here. cheers


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