Weekend Worstoff 95

Jealous of G’Day from Wa’s good fortune, as he received this lovely object recently. He shows it in display mode and in natural environment. Calum has also been the vitim of the condom on the letterbox bandit. This time it’s in bedford. When is Klag O’Callamity going to stamp out this problem? And speaking of birth control, this photo of Leisure Island freaks found by Brer Bento would put anyone off family life. Worst well.

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Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.
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54 Responses to Weekend Worstoff 95

  1. WAtching says:

    Can anyone tell me what “Leisure Island” is.

    Other than contraceptive.

    TLA: Where and Where


  2. shazza says:

    That family sure look like they know how to have a good time.


  3. Bento says:

    I like the authenticity of the taps in the 1979 period display.


  4. Onanist says:

    LA, when you write “in natural environment”, do you mean a low security prison?


  5. G'day from WA says:

    Hey, that’s my office kitchenette!


  6. Cimbali says:

    I’m now singing the Rolf Harris classic Back to WA and probably will for the rest of the afternoon.

    On the topic of iconic WA images, Mr Cimbali has just been interviewed and photographed for the Sunday Times regarding the boxing kangaroo.


  7. munkipants says:

    why does that dad have his hand clenched into a fist near the boys head?

    the before or after shot?


  8. orbea says:

    double chins and bad haircuts derigeur for leisure island


  9. margeryx says:

    And so it’s loser’s day at the Galleria and
    Jamie’s there in elephant jeans and
    A baseball cap backwards on his head and
    Inside he’s seven feet tall and smooth glossy black with
    Legs that can propel him to the sky and
    People call him Shaquille or
    Air or anything butJamie because
    Jamie’s five foot nothing in
    His stolen Nikes that came from
    The last day he wagged school to
    Hang out with Marnie at
    Her place when her parents were away and
    They did it but
    Now Marnie wont talk to him and
    That makes him shove and push and bustle past
    Gina on her lunch break from
    The checkout at Coles where she
    Doesn’t quite know how
    She got there but knows she’s lucky because
    Most of her friends haven’t got jobs at all even
    The cool ones who knew they’d be
    Okay once they got out of that school where
    The teachers all hated them because
    They were young abd they were cool abd they knew-
    But Gina’s running late on the Doc Martins which
    Somehow aren’t really as comfortable as they were when
    She didn’t have to stand up all the time and before
    She put on all this weight that
    She’ll get rid of as soon as she –
    But it’s late and she hasn’t got the time and
    Her navel ring hurts where it catches
    Against the fabric of her blouse and
    Maybe the nipple rings wouldn’t be such a good idea after all
    Even is Sam thinks they’d be a turn on so
    Just get the hair tipped in green and red because
    It’s her fucking life and she’ll look how she fucking wants but
    The supervisor warned her so she doesn’t even
    Notice Terry as he wonders what happened to all the
    Pension money in his account as
    He stands in front of the ATM and
    He only had a few drinks with his mates and
    jeez he feels crook and
    A couple of cold ones would be good now but
    It’s bloody cold outside and
    He’s only got on thongs and his old
    Flannelette shirt that they gave
    Him at the hostel and
    He meant to get a pair of shoes and
    Maybe good boots y’know,
    Work boots so
    He could get a job and a man can’t turn up
    For work in thongs but
    Some bastard’s taken five hundred dollars out of the account and that’s about all there is for this fortnight so
    What’ll he do for a meal and a drink and that
    Bitch passing by doesn’t care and
    She’s got her own problems trying to make ends meet for
    The kids and herself and
    That bastard that pissed off when
    She was pregnant had better front up with
    Some bloody maintenance money or
    She doesn’t know what she’ll do so
    She looks around for all the things that
    Are close to code.
    Reduced to clear.
    Ready to be tossed out on the dump like
    Her and Terry and Gina and Jamie and
    All the others under
    The glittering sky in front of
    The glossy shops with things that
    Glow and are
    Bright and clean and new like
    Hope and dreams with
    Prices on them and
    Everything has a price that’s always too much except the
    Screaming nail that;s
    Hammered through their heads and
    Bodies and into the ground to
    Pin them where they are forever
    Beaten in with a golden hammer in
    Someone else’s hands as
    They spin and gyre here forever
    and it’s loser’s day at the Galleria

    (Ian Nichols)


  10. Joel says:

    I seem to remember swimming in a pool that had a tile mosaic of the WA 150 swan on the bottom of it when I was a kid. Possibly in Maylands. There’s a lost worst that I’d love to see.


  11. Good to see the Leisure Island billboard sign getting some attention. I’ve been walking past it every so often for the last several years, and have often remarked to myself or my companion regarding some of its more disturbing features:

    (1) The boy’s left ear is pierced. I often cross the street to avoid boys with pierced ears; a sure sign of young thuggery.

    (2) The angle of the shot. The father-son, mother-daughter symmetry. The father-mother, son-daughter symmetry. The photograph and design is a study in composition.

    (3) Why Leisure ISLAND? I struggle to find anything remotely island-ish about Leisure Island itself or the Galleria, except in a vague way the entire complex as surrounded by its vast oceanic car-park.

    Perhaps there was a connection to the large brass statue of dolphins leaping from the water which once occupied the central Galleria hub, now occupied by a coffee shop (the statue itself begs many more questions, and is surely a forgotten Perth worst).

    (4) Can’t remember how long ago the Galleria opened (15 years ago?), but as far as I recall the Leisure Island sign has been there since day one. Here’s the creepy thing – while much advertising tends to date very quickly, the LI sign has not. One continues to see such people, and such advertising, and will presumably do so for considerable time to come.

    I often get told that I tend to over-analyse things….


    • Pfortner says:

      3. They used to (and perhaps still do) have an ‘Island’ theme, which was particularly well developed in the Morley Galleria venue. Think fibreglass palms, rattan everywhere, and a somewhat unusual ‘blue-skinned pacific islander’ corporate mascot. This appears to have changed, however Leisure Island remains one of Perth’s premier locations for playing ‘DEAL OR NO DEAL’.


  12. The palm trees, of course!

    Don’t remember seeing the mascot, and not sure what you mean with the DOND reference.


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