Cocos Interruptus

WAtching has been hassling me to use this fine worst for a while. I have just had so many pics in the last two weeks. 30 or more! Cool your jets. I don’t even know if the Jim’s pic is a photoshopped joke or for real. But that’s Perth and that’s cocoss isn’t it? It could easily be for real with that satanistic papyrus font. It’s actually kind of cool that these guys have turned some crippled Triffids – I mean Cocos into Roman columns. I’d say not worst if the rest of the house wasn’t so outre. I prefer what they’ve done on this one though.

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Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.
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29 Responses to Cocos Interruptus

  1. monkeypants says:

    shame, shame, shame……..


  2. WAtching says:

    I am astounded by this.
    Couldn’t work it out for the life of me how it happened until i Woogled it.
    Then i found the ad.


  3. G'day from WA says:

    “Conversion” to what exactly? From a cocos palm to a painted cocos palm with it’s top chopped off?


  4. David Cohen says:

    My gob is smacked.

    Is this Morley Drive?


  5. Looks like a Calabrese rello to me.


  6. poor lisa says:

    I got sidetracked by henkage and only just noticed this! brilliant! Idea for 3 cocos out the front of my place.


  7. shazza says:

    When we purchased our home last year, before the settlement date was even reached, I snuck around, and with my bare hands, ripped out 3 Cocos, such is my hatred of the palm.


  8. poor lisa says:

    Shazz that’s it, I have decided if everyone here can’t support my views on cocos I will never post here again. It started out as fun but it’s getting too hurtful and one dimensionally anti cocos. OK everyone cast your vote. Say YES if you like cocos and NO if you don’t. I will count all 3 votes and make my decision based on that. Don’t pity me anyone or beg me to change my mind, whatever you do.


  9. David Cohen says:

    Strange days indeed.

    Preserved palms (which I can see)…bizarre Nazi links (which I can’t see)…the evil Papyrus font (which I wish I hadn’t seen)…

    Can the Rapture be far away?

    In these situations the weird turn pro, but instead I’m getting the fear.


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