People’s Art

Peter J Nicol Sent this wonderful attempt by the people to subvert 15 layers of hegemony laid down by “the man” at Turner Galleries. I accept that it’s  not up to the standard of the trolley art masters, but take that Turners. Take that. I won’t link to PJN’s blog, since it hasn’t moved since Howard lost the election. If you click on the Turner link at the moment, it has this dead emu as the centrepiece. Whoa! Now that’s outre. Maybe it’s subverting its own fucking hegemony. Dude!

About AHC McDonald

Comedian, artist, photographer and critic. From 2007 to 2017 ran the culture and satire site The Worst of Perth
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11 Responses to People’s Art

  1. rolly says:


    I notice no disclaimer that “No Animals were hurt in the process of preparing these photographs” so we might hear further from PETA and the RSPCA and even, perhaps, the NSW government environmental department.

    Bloody sad lot of arty farties if they need to have pictures of roadkill on their walls to remind them of the cost of transporting their excessive predilection for exotic purchases.

    Reinforces the adage that money cannot buy taste nor guarantee education.


    • Bill O'Slatter says:

      No they are all predeaded so technically “no animals were hurt…”. The reason that Ms Drew saw no roadkill in Europe is that there are no animals to kill. They are extinct. Habitat loss is the reason for their extinction not ending up as road kill.


  2. monkeypants says:

    i just wonder if this is some kind of arty statement about what we should be eating at christmas time – the aussie turkey?

    and as for the trolley – anytime they are not where they are meant to be is considered comedy gold in our family.


  3. David Cohen says:


    That emu piece was $4600.

    A defunct dusky moorhen with enamel teapot is still available for a more reasonable $4000.


  4. shazza says:

    Pray tell, in which room of the house should one hang such pieces?


  5. WAtching says:

    I like that emu peice. It’s like Hirst without the layers of meaning…

    Reminds me of another of my favorites…



  6. WAtching says:

    Hey TLA: This post does not appear in the “recent outrages” list alongside.

    Pleases rectifiy this to avoid incurring additional charges.


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