Warney – On pleasuring boys.

I don’t think much comment is needed. To be fair, this was from a more innocent time, when a boy could wear lippy and eyeshadow while wielding his willow. Was there ever really such a time? Interestingly, the same publisher who brought you Ian Chappell’s “Cork Soaking for Girls”. From Cimbali & Meccano.

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Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.
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25 Responses to Warney – On pleasuring boys.

  1. Tony T says:

    I have that book.

    Such pleasure.


  2. WAtching says:

    As photographed in the subi op shop.
    Been looking at it for months.
    There i was thinking..
    “should I?”

    “nah, it’s not that funny.”

    Then some other WAnker takes a pic.
    And it gets used…


  3. Snuff says:

    An uncanny, disturbing likeness, TLA. Speaking of cricket, that was a fantastic aerial yesterday.


  4. WAtching says:

    I think TLA would be the first to admit there is no rhyme or reason to it- think “2 poles” or “BnS”.


  5. monkeypants says:

    Doesn’t that chap on the cover look a tad like Eddie Izzard?


  6. Onanist says:

    I came across this link with great anticipation and turgid fervour.


  7. cookster says:

    So tell me, were the pages stuck together?


  8. Caribou Bob says:

    an early precedent to the ‘soggy sao’ phenomena so popular among the boys of private schools?


  9. Bat handle as phallic symbol. Never occurred to me before in all my years at the crease.


  10. The Legend 101 says:

    You won’t a bad read try Tom Soya and all that stuff OMG i feel sorry i was even dumb enought to read that.


  11. catydid says:

    Fifty Shades Of Grey has to be worst book ever. How could anyone do it fifty times with fifty alternative partners and it still be so utterly boring? Should be re-named Fifty Shades Of Greige”- that awful tint between grey, brown and beige- the same as the Nanna pants your Grandma wears from Millers Clothing, with the front seams stitched down the legs….eeerrrgggg……..too hard


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