Bad Graffiti Masterpieces

Am making a line of Bad Graffiti Masterpieces T Shirts through Red Bubble. With acknowledgements to Shazza for the wheelchair one. It’s magnificent. I will be buying one of those myself. Maybe a dog one too. I think I need Cookster to spam – I mean market these.


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Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.
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16 Responses to Bad Graffiti Masterpieces

  1. Big Ramifications says:

    There’s one at Lake Monger where the dog not only has a large penis with a big bell end, but it is also farting and WEARING A BOATER HAT!

    I’ll take a snap today.

    Then I’ll take a photo of the graffiti.



    • Richarbl says:

      I am not sure how one takes a fart photo but I believe when it happens it will change society as we know it.
      What colour is a fart? I kinda imagine liquid green with a brownish tinge bolstered by a cinnamon finish but hey, its just an opinion.


  2. Richarbl says:

    By the way, it gladdens my heart to see TLA finally sell out to the Gods of Capitalism. It has been a long day waiting for this umm day.
    ps. Ayn Rand sends her best wishes you merciless bourgeois dog


  3. Richarbl says:

    Damn I forgot the asterisk


  4. And I don’t even know who Ayn Rand is.


  5. Richarbl says:

    TLA, I am going to purchase some of your greeting cards as a present for a friend and I was wondering if they come as a gift pack or do I have to buy them individually at these outrageously high prices, not all of us have concrete trucks or a farm.


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