Legalise it

“Are some flowers more beautiful than others? The garden is beautiful. Do I prefer brother over brother?

Comparisons are part of this political world. Where there is one, there is no conflict.

Where there is two or more, there is conflict. Two is the devil. Conflict begin with the devil.

We count 0 to 1, then back to 0. It is a circle.” Peter Tosh

I wasn’t sure about the legalities of providing a link to this, in any case it may not be in the best interests of the occupants anyway, but these pics, via a disreputable source are from a current reiwa for sale ad in the northern suburbs of Perth. It was still up tonight as I type this.  Obviously the occupants weren’t home when the agent came round to take the shots, or they wouldn’t have left their mull bowl and scissors out on the table. They may also have had a chance to put the rest of their plants away in the shed. The pixellation is mine. Trying to give the dumb bastards a chance to smoke all their crop before the police or fence jumpers descend on them. Odd that the agent took the shots anyway. Odd, but hilarious. But wait, is the agent in on the joke? The ad suggests you can easily grow tomatoes in the garden.

At least they don’t say “hugely deceptive”.


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Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.
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30 Responses to Legalise it

  1. monkeypants says:

    well they do say the “grass” is always greener………


  2. Rolly says:

    Yer goin’ potty, TLA


  3. Bento says:

    The stoner chairs appear to be facing the blank sides of the fridge and freezer, instead of the more orthodox TV-focused alignment. That must be some good shit they’re growing.


  4. orbea says:

    The second pic has a “tomato” on wheels.
    The agent clearly is in on the joke.


    • Juffy says:

      Either he’s in on the joke or he sampled some of the wares himself. That ain’t no ‘modern’ kitchen, and an ‘easy care’ garden implies that someone’s cared about it at all.


  5. orbea says:

    Quite easy to find the address TLA. You left enough clues to google the agent, the address, and thence to Google maps.
    (Thanks mate. have adjusted. I don’t think there would be a problem since it is a public link, but thought the tenants might prefer it not to be identified. TLA)


  6. Some of the pics have been removed from the ad. Scissors and bowl still remain though.


  7. David Cohen says:

    The best pics still up…it is a delightful cul-de-sac, I must say.


  8. bOB says:

    How the hell to people like that afford a Playstation 3? Cashed up Bogans ffs


  9. Onanist says:

    The kitchen/dining arrangement is such that:

    1) the guests’ refreshment order is not forgotten whilst peering into the fridge through bloodshot eyes and

    2) a close eye can be kept on the cheese toasties under the grill whilst mulling up, thereby preventing them from burning.

    TLA – is this the unit that must be vacated each Sunday for “entertaining the family”?


  10. Frank Calabrese says:

    I hope the occupents of the house don’t expect this sort of visit ? :-)


    • Frank Calabrese says:

      And here is Part 2 which includes the “DRug Shed”


    • Frank Calabrese says:

      And it’s conclusion in Part 3. Note also the item of the students and the Fridge on the back of a trailer.


      • How about a raid like on the Sunday Times?


        • Frank Calabrese says:

          Since you asked, here it is :-)


          • Klag O'Callamitty says:

            I’d like to thank police constable Frank Calabrese for his timely contribution, and it’s just about time for Up ya date clacka news from the desk of K’O’C coolest commish in Coolistan, daddio as I am the dude who put the vibe in vibracy. Vibe on vibroids, from the Vibester and the Vibrinators. I’ve got the vibe and I’m sharing it. Once we’ve locked up enough the vibe can run free.
            Bring it on the 2040 Vibracy conference.
            Supervision and superveillance as youse can see from my Yoof tube offerings I am just about on top of all the moral panics. We also have the anti graffiti situation worked out.
            Christian Pisser is suitably stuffing the jails with miscreants, there’s now no room for them there .Suffer you cunts.
            Thankfully this week I don’t have to deal with lightweights like Tom Percy .In the dispatches part of me out-tray, Vale Mick Kelty .He knew how to point the Percy style shitheads at the porcelain. The new character will be hot on to organised crime and terrorists and ahem, cooperating with the States, but I don’t think he’ll be a patch on Mick.
            Mick nipped Indian doctor terrorism in the bud and consigned many a drug dealer to third world hell. Truly, it was the passing of an asterrhoid with that bloke. Should be a movie “From here to Uranus: the Mick Kelty story” starring Huge Arseman as Mick.
            Scene 1: Mick’s eyes flicker from the bar fridge to the paperwork …….
            We’ve had to to retreat from William St Maccas( FortBaglady) . The B spot is a freakin war zone.
            Initiatives I’d like to thank
            • ( CUNPI) Internet superveillance squad is still running with operation “Name , shame and blame” website run by our Christian Youth, ancillary constable Mike Hunt . At the moment we have it on sporadic posting i.e. once a month Huntie will fire off a missive. Still they are covering plenty of sheila’s speared Sadney style and loppers are now only sharing a quarter of an e.
            • Project 2050 : Fort Carlton (Northbridge)will be as safe as the police witness protection program
            • Superveillance cameras everywhere
            • The special Monkey suit hit squad
            • Our media undercover operatives
            Anyway all you Vibroids should head on down to the “Just ask the Commish” blog site, where I hold court.


  11. Onanist says:

    Frank – I miss “Welcome Back Kotter”.


  12. NVLII says:

    Can anyone hook me up with an ounce?


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