Richard sends an extraordinary worst. Richard says…

Our building is at the back of the District Court building in Hay St.  Apparently when this building was being planned they discovered that the rear wall of our building was protruding two  inches into their allocated zoning.
Of course something had to be done so the owners of our building  SLICEd two inches off the rear wall to satisfy the council regulations. Please note talented street artist. Richard.

Jeez, can this really be true? Can a building be lopped off? Who can find out if it’s really what happened.It looks worst anyway.


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32 Responses to Sliced

  1. Grrr says:

    I’m, suspicious about this urban legend.
    It looks more like the aftermath of where an adjoining building has been removed.

    Why is why the windows may have been filled in… unless a former state Government adopted the British Window Tax, of course.


  2. hoppo says:

    no way it got sliced
    too much risk of wall toppling
    just a fugly wall

    bonus haiku for you all there.


  3. Sabian Wilde says:

    I’m not sure this counts as a worst…. visually, at least. I kind of like the facing… similar to the building face opposite the Town Hall (also on Hay St).


  4. curious says:

    back of the land titles office?


  5. Cookster says:

    This wall actually provokes a physical reaction in me… something about the texture that gets to me, a bit like the Snuggie…


  6. Richarbl says:

    I believe this story to be correct. This building has a rich history of add ons and alterations so I don’t doubt my source.
    For example during a current renovation a doorway was knocked through an adjoining wall only to discover that is a piece of New York skyscraper style of “I” Beam about a meter square and probably weighing 100 kg encased in the brickwork.
    It just doesn’t make sense because it isn’t welded to anything, almost like someone decided to use it as a feature wall but then decided to brick it up.
    I agree with Sabian, it is not a Worst. But it is Worst Submission having only being intended as an interesting story. The photos are mostly rubbish and the text, written in a hurry, average at best. In the past I have accompanied my submissions with witty and entertaining prose only to have it dashed on the rocks of the editing bin.


    • Definitely a worst if it was built 2 inches too big and had to be chopped.
      Richarbl, can you do me a favour. can you go into the YAL museum next door and see if any worsts. There was talk they had a US presidential oakleaf head thingy.


      • Richarbl says:

        For you TLA, anything, better make that ALMOST anything.

        Funny thing is if I see a sign saying museum I am there before I leave but for some reason it has taken two years to check out a museum practically next door.

        I can confirm there is a presidential oakleaf head thingy belonging to one Edgar J Hoover hanging on the wall.
        Apparently when a President is elected they are given a satin oakleafy thing emblazoned with the US Seal and when they leave office it is replaced with a photo of the ex president and hung up somewhere important.
        Perhaps I didn’t listen to the rest of the story because I am not sure why it is here at the arse end of the world.

        The museum is resplendent with heavy furniture, stuffed moose heads and and a surprising amount of stuff donated by Mussolini for no apparent reason.
        Sorry to say there was nothing really tacky and besides I found it quite interesting and the dear old lady who looks after the place knowledgeable and informed.

        I am sure there would be something there which would raise a chuckle or two but I think that would unfair and unwarranted. A visit instead would be more appropriate.


    • Ljuke says:

      I also heard that this one time, they knocked out an interior wall, to find a great swirling mass of colourful gasses, which turned out to be a doorway to another dimension and disfigured creatures dragged their offensive bodies across the threshold, screaming as they did so, and destroying everything in their wake.

      I can tell you, it was quite an afternoon.


  7. curious says:

    what/where is this building?

    might be able to find something of use if we had an address or building name.


  8. Vic Demised says:

    LA, whilst agreeing with you that the siting of the building two inches into next door is a worst, I believe the result of the slicing to be a not-worst. I like that “inside of a Kit Kat” texture, and the bricked-up doorways and windows are so apt as they face the District Court. Surely behind one of them is a cask of Amontillado.


  9. B.T. says:

    Dust yes, but not graffiti.

    The sliced off 2 inches (inches? – don’t you mean 50.8mm?) story seems like a myth.


    • Richarbl says:

      Gol durn it Cowboy, when I ride the wild silver pony back into town next week I will confirm this story fur shur.

      Just fur you TLA, I will check out that museum for varmints, aint been too keen on visitin that eestablishmint but it might have pig rootin charms to entertain the folks.

      Aint real sure why I am writing like a cowpoke. Barkeep get me another whiskey, arr just leave the bottle


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