100 Perth Things Competition

Another competition!

Here’s the Best 10 so far according to me, from the blog and the Twitter feed. There were many other good ones, but I got too drunk to trawl through all of them.

I think my own best were

Spill wine on Verity James’ rack.

Rhyme “Wanjina” with vagina.

I am excluding myself from the vote, even though I felt mine were superior. The winner will get some crap I bring back  from China. A pack of Communist ciggies maybe? A T shirt? Let’s say voting will close next Sunday night, where I hope I can judge the winner from high up in the Kowloon Hotel Hong Kong,  looking down on the seething masses of  Nathan Rd as some kind of appropriate parallel. I hate to put Skink and Outrage Cohen in the same voting arena after the bitterness of last time, but whatever. You can vote only once, but you can check several favourites in the one vote. It is multiple choice voting.

OK The finalists of 100 Perth Things to do before you die competition…

About The Lazy Aussie

Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.
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23 Responses to 100 Perth Things Competition

  1. Dorvill & Teen says:

    There was no bitterness last time.

    It just seemed skink didn’t want to take his medicine.


  2. I wish I could have added Ljuke’s “Get married by Yorkie”. Too late.


  3. Frank Calabrese says:

    [You can vote only once, but you can check several favourites in the one vote. It is multiple choice voting.]

    Actually I voted twice by simply refreshing the page and selcting another 2 items and it accepted them fine.


    • Bento says:

      The fix is in. The smart money has to be on DFOC for the win.


    • It doesn’t add them it just goes to results as if it did. I tested it.


      • Frank Calabrese says:


        I see you’ve bypassed the Great Firewall of China – or ou took my advice and are doing your interwebbing rom a diplomatic location :-)


        • I can reply to comments via email, but can’t actually see the site as yet. Have had to use side of rubbish bin to open bottle of chongqing beer. Will find proxy if possible.


        • Can someone comment with the voting stats, I can only see and answer comments by email. Can’t see the blog.


          • Frank Calabrese says:

            As requested :-)

            100 Perth Things…
            Stand facing afternoon onshore breeze in erroneous belief it has medicinal powers. Mike Hopkin (Twitter) 4%

            Ride the train almost to Mandurah. 13th Oyster 18%

            Attend opening night of theatre in best jeans and untucked shirt. Phreestyle 10%

            See Keith from Fat Cat at the OBH TAB every single time you go there. Thomo 6%

            Complain about lack of local voices in arts, but don’t go see local theatre or plays. David Cohen 18%

            Experience a frisson of terror opening a bottle of wine on the foreshore. Bento 6%

            Spend a night of unprecedented luxury and class at the Observation City complex. Shazza 5%

            Wonder why the perth tram is a truck. Orbea 10%

            Go to the bell tower, complain about the entry price then leave without going in. Ljuke 17%

            Refuse to go to Margaret River because its ‘just so crowded these days’ Skink 7%


            • Bento says:

              Smart money still on DFOC. Claims to have been writing stories and inciting revolution, but I suspect he has been motivating his base.


          • shazza says:

            DFOC currently leading with 18% with Ljuke close behind on 17%.


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  5. Cimbali says:

    Are we ignoring the 13th Oyster also on 18%?


  6. phreestyle says:

    Bugger it, another literary prize has slipped from my grasp.


  7. Bill O'Slatter says:

    It is not a reflection of ability phreestyle . just the number of I.P addresses you command.


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