Neo Babylon & the Peep O’day boys

The gardens had exotic and amazing flourishing plants, garlanded by bottles off piss hanging from every tree – every branch in some cases. On many of the levels the bottles of piss were so numerous that it appeared that a forest of Cedar blooming with stinking yellow flowers reached to the sky. Herodotus. Description of Babylon’s gardens.

Not quite Babylon, but Nollamara. I thought Davidfuckingoutragecohen (or Deefock) was joking when he sent this picture of bottles of piss hanging in a tree to ward off fruit fly. I don’t know about fruit fly, but it must help dissuade the relatives from visiting. That’s bad. Doesn’t it attract normal flies? Deefock has also learned. The standard of submission is so high, that you sometimes have to go that little bit further to get a posting. He also submits this great album cover to sweeten the pot, although a foil of herring would also have sufficed. Why is this record in a pump shop? That beard reminds me of 70’s porn for some reason. Love it. Thanks Outrage


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Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.
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33 Responses to Neo Babylon & the Peep O’day boys

  1. Grrr says:

    The Onga Pump Shop in (Lower) Chittering has a vinyl section?

    Imagine the treasures that must be contained therein.

    Oh, can I note today’s Worsts in THE NEW Inside Cover?

    That clock surely deserves to be here for a start.


    • The shit clock with many of the other Smith crappy sculptures was mentioned here long, long ago. I did get the feeling that Broadfield might have a little bit of the Paul Murray syndrome, in that he may believe that he is funnier than he actually is. Kick out the old cunts, and give the young cunts a go.


      • skink says:

        and introduce some snappy new graphic layout in order to suggest that the content is new

        were they using some sort of random font generator?


      • Grrr says:

        It’s still being written by a youngster – Dan Hatch has his byline wedged under Rob’s in tiny writing.


    • Ljuke says:

      And on the opposite page, Perth’s own John “Bono” Butler.


  2. Vic Demised says:

    Why did those guys each get their hair styled to look like they were wearing toupes?


  3. David Cohen says:

    Cheers TLA. Mrs DFOC and I were instant converts to Pender and his crew. We got jiggy with it.


  4. So does the new Inside Cover need it’s own post, or is it just too meh to bother?


    • I seem to have my answer.


      • skink says:

        No, that new Inside Cover deserves its own Worst of the Worst for so many reasons:

        1. The awful random fonts
        2. the smug tone
        3. the presentation of the column as a vanity project for Broadfied, even though he doesn’t write it. Does poor Dan Hatch have to write in the voice of Broadfield?
        4. that dreadful ‘full moon rising’ photo of Broadfield.
        5. it’s not very funny, althoujh

        much as I enjoy Broadfield’s restaurant reviews (although Saturday’s was a bit too gushing, did the waiter blow him in the bathroom or what?), the smug assumption that pollies were afraid to talk to him was tedious in its repetition.

        The West have had a bit of an easy ride lately, possible because Cronin had pulled it into some sort of shape. if this Inside Cover is indicative of the intended direction under McCarthy, then we are indeed heading into Nurry country.


        • Yes, I find it impossible to believe that anyone not the proprietor of a restaurant would be afeared if Mr Broadfield rang up. C’mon! That’s cobblers.

          They don’t really cover anything that controversial anyway. Now if Lovers & lobbers called…

          And someone with the comic timing of say a Lazy Aussie honed on stage with live standup for 15 years could have the comic timing and presence to use “quelle” or “tres”. Mr Broadfield should save his French for ordering more crutons.

          But, if there is more support for an inside cover post Skink, I’ll do it.


        • ljuke says:

          Man, I hope Hatch IS writing in the voice of Broadfield, because he’s making him look like a tosser. “Ooh, people know that I’m writing Inside Cover and now they’re all scared of me. The power, THE POWER!”


  5. Big Ramifications says:

    The first “Noel Pender” link on Google is somehow related to a dead 16 year old kid from South Carolina. Presumably because he looks like the Peep O’Day on the far left?


  6. Some old faithful friends are being sent to the spam bin for some reason. Ljuke, Deefock, I apologise on behalf of WordPress. On the other hand, it is still catching Mr Hoey’s rants.


  7. Snuff says:

    Thanks to you, DFOC, and this incredibly comprehensive website, I’ve now learnt more about 1,547 (count ’em) Irish Showbands than I ever knew I wanted to.

    Of course I had to peruse the 2,286 band photos, (might as well count ’em, too), and although it’s been a withering task, I’ve settled on these few favourites, and these just from the Pop Bands section.

    Here we see The Clouds, probably watching that 70s pr0n you mentioned, TLA, possibly featuring Clubsong, (and not just on the soundtrack), or more likely Fantasy.

    Brendon Bowyer and the Big Eight, (who harken back to the days when Riverdancers could move their arms), and Gerry and The Ohio demonstrate how to show them who’s in charge, while The Champions and Memories remind us why black and white was probably a better option, although nothing could save (I’m betting he’s the drummer from) The Rascals.

    Tarzan and the Monkeys may or may not have been related to The Zulus, but topping my shortlist are <a href=””The Freshmen, shown here displaying their delight at the new outfits.

    Now, for the Country and Rock sections …


  8. skink says:

    nooo! don’t filter Hoey! some of it must be fit to print. maybe just print it with the expletives deleted.
    I am rather hoping some of it is about me.


  9. Stu says:

    Huzzah, my question is answered, we have one of those in a laneway behind the Highgate drycleaners

    I simply wasn’t the full bottle (pun intended) on bug deterent liquids back in August of last year


  10. Big Ramifications says:

    “The Peep O’Day Boys was a Protestant faction fighting group in 18th century Ireland, active in the 1780s and ’90s and precursor of the Orange Order.”'Day_Boys

    Indeed. By the look of them I wouldn’t want to run into Noel Pender and his homies in a dark alleyway, that’s for sure..


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