The Best of Banned by The West

The twitter feed from the fake West Australian that the paper had removed was so popular that it was transferred to a different account. You can see the latest 5 updates in the sidebar, but in case you miss any of the passing gold, I will show the best of banned by The West every Sunday. You can subscribe to the twitter updates with a feed reader too if you wish. The address for the feed is.


Older sperm has “less sense of humour” – Study. Sperm from men over 40 has an 80% chance of producing a child with no irony or comic timing…

EU to gay women “It’s Leswegian”. To placate angry residents of Lesbos in Greece, EU standards committes has decided “Leswegian” not lesbian…

Woman sprayed with pheremones marries Dutchman. In the first case of “personality spiking” prosecuted, a woman spoke of horror of Dutch husb…

Tonkin “not Asian name” Angry drivers are shunning Tonkin Hwy after being told it was named after Gulf of Ton-Kin. In fact John Tonkin was P…

Police to “Hum classics” to deter youths. Police to trial humming classical music rather than using tasers to calm violent offenders, Verdi…

Smart Car “transport dunce.” – Choice. One vehicle tested couldn’t tell the difference between “I sped” and “I have sped” in blind trials…

…More men “Sit to pee” – Academic. Sedentary lifestyle, obesity, laziness just some of the reasons fewer men stand to urinate. Curtin U…

Vietnam vet “still fears punji sticks”. 30 years after his feet were pierced by bamboo, John Allen still makes his son “take point” when out…

About The Lazy Aussie

Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.
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3 Responses to The Best of Banned by The West

  1. “Woman sprayed with pheremones marries Dutchman”
    Nothing? Is this thing working?


  2. Frank Calabrese says:

    Speaking of The West, they got a good bollocking by Media Watch over that false Victim of Crime story.


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