Stuffed & Burnt Worst on Tour New Zealand

What can I say? Perhaps words are not advised  here. Vic do you…No, I withdraw that.

That's a pouch right?

That's a pouch right?

And it seems incredible that someone would actuall buy such an obscenity, but taxidermy (like animal husbandry) seems to be a popular family hobby here. This in Pleasant Point, South Island New Zealand.

Being shot is also bad for you

Being shot is also bad for you

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32 Responses to Stuffed & Burnt Worst on Tour New Zealand

  1. About $600 for stuffed Wallaby I think.


  2. Gazza the gasman says:

    Yers can’t help yerselves with a dig at “Our Nic” with youse talk about taxidermy.


  3. skink says:

    speaking of stuffed cunts with immovable synthetic hair, I have been greatly enjoying the abuse given from all sides to Julie Bishop this week.

    someone is out to get her, but the list is a long one. Von Olserenenen is a dick, but almost redeemed himself this week. Barnett made Bishop look a fool by proudly announcing that he had no problem running our state into defecit. Even the West ran an opinion piece about defecit not being a dirty word.

    my opinion, oft stated here, is that Bishop has been living on borrowed time since Nelson was unseated. She held the balance of power that gave Nelson the leadership with her control of the WA Lib MP’s, but Turnbull rolled him without her support. Turnbull doesn’t need Bishop: he likes to answer all the economy questions himself, and she only gets in the way.

    as the last suporter of Work Choices, she will look a right dill if Turnbull chooses to support Gillard’s IR reforms, and Turnbull doesn’t want to get even more on the nose by voting against a clear mandate from the last election.

    She’ll be gone by Christmas.

    like that rabbit, right now she’ll be having a last cigarette before facing the firing squad. (His blindfold appears to have slipped.)


  4. Bishop always seems such a moron as soon as she opens her mouth. Wasn’t she the one who claimed primary school teachers were Maoists? Saw a description of her that seems apt. “An idiot with the personality od a frying pan.”


  5. Rolly says:

    I think that Ms. Bishop has always aspired to, and failed to match up to, bimbo status.


  6. poor lisa says:

    Synchronicity LA, I swear I sent you an email before reading about the maoists. As you will see, they all ARE.


  7. You must realise by now that finger painting comes from the barrel of a gun.


  8. The pouch pic reminds me of Stephen Smith for some reason.


  9. Ljuke says:

    Was the wallaby shot or hit with an axe?

    Ooooooooh, lewd.


  10. Cookster says:

    @ Skink – look out mate, Joolie’ll be quoting from that missive you just wrote before the week is out…

    “Hey staffer, once you’ve finished polishing the Smart Car make sure you pull out that line about Van Olsereren being a dick… I like that one, haw, haw.”


  11. skink says:

    would this be a suitable time to nominate our Jools as a Worst?

    worst politician?

    worst hair?

    worst plagiarist?

    I insist that someone use the title “Bashing Bishop”. I am very disappointed that the fourth estate have suffered an outbreak of maturity and declined to kick into such an open goal.


  12. Frank Calabrese says:

    would this be a suitable time to nominate our Jools as a Worst?

    Well, she has had some competition in the last few hours with Shelley Archer being charged by the CCC with Corruption, which is an interesting dilemma for Barney, as she is still a sitting Upper House Member till May next year and she holds the Balance of Power :-)


  13. Bento says:

    Where’s the dilemma, Frank? Surely Barney will either:

    a) Do absolutely nothing, in keeping with his performance to date; or
    b) Issue some wildly irrelevant water-cooler decree to distract the talkback audiences. A new policy on bongs, daylight saving, trading hours or smoking in cars in 5, 4, 3, 2 …


  14. Frank Calabrese says:

    Issue some wildly irrelevant water-cooler decree to distract the talkback audiences. A new policy on bongs, daylight saving, trading hours or smoking in cars in 5, 4, 3, 2 …

    You’re right about Extended Trading Hours.


  15. Bento says:

    Good old Barney. You could set your watch by him.


  16. What happened to the bong bashing? Still hapenin bro?


  17. Snuff says:

    Deficit might not be a dirty word, skink, but when you misspell it like defecate, it’s getting there.

    Kudos on “Bashing Bishop”, though.


  18. Bill O' Slatter says:

    Look if the economy is going to have a good defecate who’s going to stop it ? Surely not her holiness Ms Bishop ?


  19. Frank Calabrese says:

    Here La Julie in full catty flight.


  20. Frank sometimes Rusty says:

    The Bishop comment that really shook me was her reference to herself and Sharon Stone.
    Can see it sitting there, trying to work the smile that always seem to be saying, you want me to suck what? into something of a sexy leer as she begins to the Stone split and at this point I’m saying give me the roo, give me the roo, oh please won’t someone give me the fucking roo.

    Skink, beautiful stuff – “speaking of stuffed cunts with immovable synthetic hair, I have been greatly enjoying the abuse given from all sides to Julie Bishop this week.”


  21. Vic Demised says:

    TLA: I do not recognise that orifice. Perhaps a NZ batsman was hiding in there?

    Re: Julie the Psycho Pussy. What can we expect when her partner is a 2nd generation gynaecologist? She obviously has trouble spending time in Canberra when her G-spot navigator is so far away.

    A female friend of mine told me she was propositioned by Natrass senior with the line: I’m a professional gynaecologist, but I’ll give you a free examination. (Jeez, I wish I was that smooth; who knows how many marsupials’ genitals I could have fondled?). She turned him down, despite his Parkinsonian tremor.


  22. Snuff says:

    .. And here it is, skink. Right on cue. Again, kudos.


  23. Bill O"Slatter says:

    Certain amount of ambiguity to that headline. Has Turnbull lost control of his end so that he can’t stop bishop bashing ?


  24. skink says:


    I did not use an incorrect spelling of ‘deficit’, I was using the Latin ‘de fecit’ which means “gone to shit”, or something

    re Nattrass the gyno

    I wish I had become a gynocologist, at least I would only have to work with one cunt at a time.

    I thank you


  25. Bill O"Slatter says:

    In more taxidermic or defecit news Lateline last night interview Robert Saviano who fingered Amanda Vanstone as an Australian politician willing to do business with the Mafia.


  26. vic demised says:

    “fingered Amanda Vanstone” -shudder- he must have long fingers.


  27. skink says:

    he’d have to roll her in flour first


  28. Groucho says:

    There is something John Wayne-ish about the rabbit…..


  29. Cookster says:

    Like trying to spear a whale with a toothpick I do believe?

    Is it true that Col is in the process of stitching up a deal whereby nickel will be transported to and from the Esperance port inside Jools’ knickers?

    And that Troy will have a sniff to make sure there is no leakage?

    Or is that lead? Indeed, are we being lead up the garden path?


  30. skink says:

    Bishop was asked by a journo today:

    “Are you a Shadow Treasurer or just a shadow?”


  31. Snuff says:

    There certainly is, Groucho, and the camels agree.


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