Crack in The World

Sir Charles Eggerston: Gentlemen! Gentlemen! Dont let this fall apart. We have work to do. We must hear Dr Rampion complete his report. You were saying that the crack is extending to the east.
Dr. Ted Rampion: Along the Macedo Trench. It’s following a geological flaw in the Earth’s crust, known as the Macedo Fault. That runs from here, to the tip of India, veers off towards Indonesia, and terminates off the Australian continental shelf.
Sir Charles Eggerston: How do you know that the crack will stop there?

Dr. Ted Rampion: We don’t. Crack in The World 1965

Dude. it’s a well known fact that before you squat to photograph something, you ALWAYS check that there’s not a The Worst of Perth photographer behind you. Unless you want your arse archived by the State Library. Nice car though.
Cracked sump cracks, or big end jokes? You be the judge.

Cracked sump cracks, or big end jokes? You be the judge.

Location of the crack.

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Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.
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13 Responses to Crack in The World

  1. Rolly says:

    Ra-a-aht bummer!
    That’s taking a stern view on life LA.
    Or a touch of wishful thinking, perhaps?


  2. Groucho says:

    ….could be classified as a speed hump. You sure this guy isn’t knocking off the bonnet emblem for his belt buckle collection ?

    Hope the photo he took was all it was cracked up to be.


  3. David Cohen says:

    Goodness. He’s fighting a rear-guard action there.

    I wonder if he knows he’s the butt of TWOP jokes?

    Um…the end.


  4. I’m sure someone will recognise the crack.


  5. Groucho says:

    ….or the red shoes


  6. Groucho says:

    I am still going for this guy sizing up the bonnet badge for his collection. He is pretty close for taking any sort of car related shot. Butt I could be wrong….


  7. He was definitely taking a photo. Maybe the car is up for sale?


  8. Yeah i recognize that crack anywhere . Good old Cracksie. LA he used to be me plumber’s mate but I had to let him go because of the wives.
    He’s also big in the art’s world ; he’d read a book about it and can speak arts with the best of them. I’d say here he’s sizing up the radiator for use in his art and will later claim it fell out.
    He’s a member of the Weld club : he’ll weld up anything.
    Talking of Nedlands one day we’re installing a front yard shitter there and he’s working on his art as well when a cinder falls into his crack , he’s running around yelling ” Me cracks smokin, me cracks smokin”. You don’t mention crack and smokin in the same sentence in Nedlands you’ll either be killed in the rush or mistaken for a footballer.


  9. Groucho says:

    And he thought he was being anonymous catching a taxi


  10. The BCF says:

    Is it the crack of dawn? Boom Boom!! …and “Wheres the mars bar?” they bellowed!! Two aussie icons in one Laaaze!!


  11. I havea scientific question.

    How is it possible to have elastic on your reg grundies PLUS a belt in the loops of your jeans and yet still have everything loose enough to slip over the 50% crack exposure mark and heading south?

    Is this a result of the re-emergence of the “hipster” pant? [an unfortunate useage of the word hipster – as no real hipster would be seen dead in them – I’ve reverted to describing myself as a hepcat]


  12. CK says:

    He may have been going commando, FXH.


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