Blood Sausage

Of all writings I love only that which is written with blood. Write with blood: and you will discover that blood is spirit.”
Friedrich Nietzsche

Why is this obscenity rendered in blood on a footpath in Karawara? And whose blood was it? Has graffiti (not to mention dongers) become so passe that only blood soaked freehand will cut it? By the way Nietzche really comes to the party with the quote today doesn’t he?

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Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.
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13 Responses to Blood Sausage

  1. meccano101 says:

    Are you sure that it’s not a Gilbert and George piece? It is certainly reminiscent of “Cunt Scum”


  2. Big Ramifications says:

    I like how the testes are two complete orbs. Superb work.

    Back when the BLF was on its way out and Norm Gallagher was in jail, FREE NORM! graffiti was common around Perth. At a construction site on the corner of Sleat Rd and Canning highway there was a large example.

    And some wag had written underneath WITH EVERY PURCHASE OVER $10.

    And behind the juke box of the now gone Swanny Hotel was the succinct KENNY FUKS SPIDERS. I regularly ponder the meaning of that.

    Erm. Anyway. My two most memorable bits of Perth graffiti. Actually, behind that juke box was a goldmine of strange and witty comments. Some reference to a women being a WILDEBEESTE. Was the extra E intentional? We might never know.


  3. Scratched into the wall of the Hyde Park Hotel toilets was geoff Pilgrim fucks chooks, which i always thought amusing. I think Pilgrim was a local speedway star.


  4. The spirit of the Karawarriors lives and I thought they had all gone. Last bit of Nietzsche ” oh shit , I’ve run out of blood”


  5. Meccanno. Was just looking at a rather tame G&G at the gallery on the weekend. CuntScum you say. I would have thought you were more of a bumhole series man. No?–george-spunk-money.html


  6. Tony T says:

    Self portrait?

    “Sharon fucks wildebeeste” was in the dunnies at Steve’s.


  7. Big Ramifications says:

    Get out of here, Tony!

    That has to be it then. Not too surprised I misremembered, I suppose.

    I imagine Kenny’s girlfriend to be a skinny, long-limbed lass with a head like Fraser Gehrig.

    But the spelling? Who would have thought to misspell FUCK? Inspirational.


  8. Johnny Nonation says:

    Must be part of a Francis Bacon triptychdyck around Karawara -(the most mispelt suburb in Australia). Find the other two dicks then – plenty in Karawara.


  9. Bleeding profusely while drawing knobs freehand in Karawara is nothing short of a papal miracle. Not since I performed live with the Young White Lesbians at a disease ridden Engineering function at WAIT in the early 80’s surrounded by a Kiss cover band who were too busy bonking anti nuclear Social Work students while singing Haircut 100 tunes have I witnessed talent of this magnitude.

    I salute you bleeding sausage man.

    May you bleed again soon.



  10. meccano101 says:

    Bumholes is certainly a seminal work of divine beauty. L.A.


  11. Vic Demised says:

    I was going to suggest that this image was an attempt to recreate the minimalist, broad-brushstroke style of the Edo period, using -instead of a carved piece of bamboo- the artist’s own… equipment, daubed in blood instead of ink. I was going to go on to speculate that this phallo-haemic school may have, as its core belief, the idea that through our penises we should make contact with the earth mother beneath our feet. Then I remembered it was in Karawarra. I hope it wasn’t his girlfriend’s blood.


  12. Disasterboy says:

    Back through the swirling mists of time, I worked as cleaner at the Subiaco Football Club members bar.
    I returned from a weeks leave to find some Graffiti on the Gents’s wall.
    Smeared in hardened excreta was the informative “Kemp Is Gay”.
    I wonder whether the blood phallus was done by the same genius who has moved on psychologically?


  13. Kemp is gay? The feces never lies I suppose. I always thought Peter Matera looked a little Liberace compliant.


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