14 Responses to You’ll Ruah the day

  1. cybill says:

    I’m not too keen on the sewage logo. Increase their pay you measly bosses!!


  2. Mango says:

    Ha, cybill, you’re right – little bits of poo floating down a river.
    LA – Maybe it’s “the age of Kant”? the German philosopher dude? (Although that pronunciation doesn’t help matters either)


  3. Johnny Nonation says:

    Perhaps the ‘Western Force’ can change their name to The Western Ruah?


  4. Tony T says:

    The sign lacks verisimilitude. They need to stain it with cold tea.


  5. Squib says:

    Oh how I hate comic sans, what a great site :-)


  6. david cohen says:

    Alan moss gets squillions, but the peeps who help people with their lives get considerably less…what’s going on??? Viva la revolution!


  7. Pork Eating says:

    Yes , here at Macca’s bank you used to have to watch Al ; silent as death he’d creep up on you and next thing you’re doubled up in pain from his squirrel grip. What he didn’t do for the politics of envy. You poor bastards are squealing about the cost of fuel and Al is a thousand miles above it. After all how much is a MBA from Harvard worth. Deserves to be knighted for his services to ticket clipping. How much wonga will Bob Carr get when he waltzes out the door.


  8. Pork Eating says:

    Followup to previous post on Macca’s , Westie does his usual good job.


  9. shazza says:

    I used to work for this mob. Pay was crap, but we did get a company vehicle and salary packaging. The organisation actually has its roots in the Catholic Church, in particular the Sisters of Mercy – Say no more!
    The 5 floating poos actually represent the five core values of the organisation. I’ll let TWOP contributors guess what they might be.


    • Err biodegradibility, odorosity, floatability, splashiness…Can’t think of the other. If you’re going through the back catalogues Shazza, you will be quite a while. The Cyrenian House logo is one of my favourites. It shows someone doing the 5 poos.


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