My Eyes are Up Here

A combination of Midland and public art. That’s got to be worth a look. Unfortunately, he’s not really checking out her uh tank, which would have made it more interesting. He’s doing his shoelaces up. And maybe that’s a gut, and not a rack.

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Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.
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39 Responses to My Eyes are Up Here

  1. Rolly says:

    Can’t see anything to make a joke about.
    Wanna cry.


  2. flynn says:

    it’s a “she” because that’s a real Midland necklace she is wearing.


  3. The Intellectual Bogan says:

    I don’t mind these, given that they have to survive in one of the most hostile environments in the Metropolitan area. Which isn’t that hostile really. Where I come from, they’d have been chopped off at the ankles and weighed in for scrap within hours of the civic unveiling.

    I vote Not Worst.


  4. poor lisa says:

    It’s Alan Carpenter & Louise Pratt or Jaye Radisich.


  5. Squib says:

    I don’t know, I find myself feeling very sorry for them


  6. Bonnie says:

    Gotta love the half rounded, half square butt…


  7. Johnny B. Goode says:

    Maybe it’s a tribute to Inspector Gadget?


  8. poor lisa says:

    … or Bender, the emotionally labile robot out of Futurama.


  9. Anonymous Perthon says:

    This is pretty good so I’m just going to pick on the details.

    Amongst the four legs there is only ONE SHOE and that happens to be the one he is tying – coincidence – I think not.


  10. Anonymous Perthon says:

    Hey where did that avatar come from? LA have you been toying with things???


  11. It now can give a generated one for those that don’t have one. Also it looks like those for who do have a gravatar that the small pics on the front page are now working.


  12. Blandwagon says:

    I envision the perfect piece of Midland art to be a painting of a dolphin leaping out of the ocean against a starry backdrop, possibly with some sort of unicorn in the background with a hot but ethereal naked chick.

    Of course it would be a print rather than a real painting, but you get the idea. For added Midlandiness, a clock made out of a Holden Commodore hubcap would feature nearby.


  13. David Cohen says:

    eh Blandwagon?? Isn’t that the perfect Freo/White Slum Valley objet d’art?


  14. Birkette says:

    Is that in the old Tuohy Gardens? Gee they’ve really spruced things up…


  15. Birkette says:

    Hmph, that avatar actually suits me.


  16. Big Ramifications says:

    I like how the one on the left has a gluteal fold. Nice touch.


  17. Johnny B. Goode says:

    I didn’t even consider Bender. If someone were to graffiti “Bite my shiny metal ass.” on the figure tying up his shoe I would have to label it not worst.


  18. Bento says:

    [Amongst the four legs there is only ONE SHOE and that happens to be the one he is tying – coincidence – I think not.]

    He’s actually taking off his last remaining shoe, in order to walk around barefoot. Like the rest of the people in Midland.


  19. margeryx says:

    The painted fencing in the background has been promising that Midland is getting better for the last 7 years. Now the fence is starting to get tatty.

    I believe the Midland Redevelopment Authority are responsible, for the fence and the artworks. Established in 2000, with an estimated 15 year life span, it’s good to see their well on their way to getting the place redeveloped.

    Kath Wheatley is the artist believed responsible for the sculptures.


  20. Mez says:

    yes it is Kath – lovely person, bad sculptures

    I despair


  21. Mez says:

    …was that an Hiaku??


  22. Frank Calabrese says:

    I wonder if the Sculpture represents both the Railway Workshops, and the Midland Technical School, where I think it is located ?


  23. Squib says:

    How do we change our gravatar?


  24. Now, if you haven’t registered a gravatar or don’t have a blog through wordpress, it generates one. Just a better replacement for the blank or silhouette it used to show. If you want your own picture, you can either register a blog with, or if you don’t want a blog, go to gravatar. It takes a few hours/days for gravatar ones to start working sometimes.

    You’ll need a picture, but you can do the resizing in gravatar. you can also choose a section of an image as long as it’s square. So find a picture first. if it’s on the web, download it to your computer first, then go here


  25. Actually these sculptures are not really so bad.


  26. Squib says:

    Hmmm my blog is generated by WP


  27. You have to add your avatar to your profile and it should work fine immediately.


  28. Squib says:

    Strange LA

    I have the latest version but there seems to be no pic application on my profile page

    I will just have to be a diamond shape thing then


  29. Squib
    If you are on, it is in admin/profile, which is right up at the top right when you are logged in and on your dashboard. Your username should be up there.
    If it is a site, I don’t know.


  30. Squib says:

    Yes it is and my profile is in the top right hand corner but there is no picture thing on my profile page (that I can see)


  31. So if you are in the dashboard and click on your username in the top right (It says howdy next to it) you don’t get “my picture”?


  32. Bill O'Slatter says:

    Squib , I have a lovely picture of a horses bum , if that helps.


  33. Squib says:

    No I don’t get ‘my picture’ at all

    Maybe you have a special plugin you don’t even know you have

    Gee thanks Bill


  34. Mez says:

    I disagree LA, they ARE bad. They are the baddest of the bad. Muffler art is bad enough when it’s thrown together by Jimbo on Friday arvo after a coupla beers in response to his boss’s (Mick, from Micks Mufflas) idle comment earlier in the day “I think we need something to make us stand out from all the other muffler repair shops on Great Eastern Hwy, whaddya reckon Jimbo?”. The Ned Kelly replica he made sure stops traffic and business hasn’t been better.
    Art they are not – Bad they are. Bad welding, bad design and they are made of bent sheet metal and pipe fittings. They are going to heat up like cauldrons on a 40 degree Midland summer’s day


  35. But look at the tank on that mother.


  36. Midlandia says:

    To be fair to the sculpture, these figures aren’t exactly located in the greatest of places. They’re pretty much on the sidewalk of the road between Midland Gate and the (rightfully) much-maligned Midland Centrepoint. Currently, the surrounds of this metallic man and his mate consist of heavy construction, as somewhat-high-brow apartments are raised, restaurants are being opened, and the old Regent Cinema is having its guts ripped out to create what I suspect is will be a nightclub.

    In an area that isn’t exactly enticing to the average pedestrian ranks (such as myself), I think it’s a quirky little feature, even if the artistic value is highly debatable.
    Besides, I can imagine these two meeting up with Bender at the Junction Hotel around the corner. That seems like the kind of bar you’d find that certain robot! =D


  37. The Intellectual Bogan says:

    What’s wrong with bent sheet metal and pipe fittings?

    Once upon a time, many paintings contained a substantial quantity of the artist’s own excrement, dried, ground and mixed with linseed oil (or whatever suspension medium was in use at the time) and nobody’s complaining about that.


  38. Mez says:

    well IB, suspended shit these certainly are


  39. freddo says:

    I had a look at this when I was there last and they are not that bad, they are less than 1km from homes that cost over $750k and new apartments and shops, And I also think that the one standing up straight is suppose to be an old police man or station master from the early 1900’s


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