Intercourse Island

Named by a seafarer too long away from port? Unfortunate that they wimped out with East and West. Front and Rear Intercourse Islands would have worked much better. And why no Intercourse Passage? A display from the WA Museum showing the Dampier Archipelago, or The Leg-over Archipelago which was the original name. Yesterday The pre-eminent Rottnest blog Rottobloggo was asking if Rottnest was twinned with any other islands, sister city style. Go no further than Mid Intercourse Island Rottos. You have your twin. I always thought Rottnest was Intercourse Island. More people will have ended up with sand in their cracks on Rottnest than any other island besides Ibiza no? I’ll leave Rottobloggo to dig up the sand/cracks ratio.

“The Hispaniola was rolling scuppers under in the ocean swell. The booms were tearing at the blocks, the rudder were banging to and fro. Perhaps it was this—perhaps it was the look of the island with its grey, melancholy woods, and wild stone spires, an the surf that we could both see and hear foaming an thundering on the steep beach—but I hated the very thought of Intercourse Island.”

Robert Louis Stevenson, Intercourse (Treasure) Island

About AHC McDonald

Comedian, artist, photographer and critic. From 2007 to 2017 ran the culture and satire site The Worst of Perth
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56 Responses to Intercourse Island

  1. Blandwagon says:

    I wonder if Mistaken Island comes right near the Mid Incourse Islands for a reason. Second thoughts? Beer goggles wearing off?

    And as for Haycock Island, I wonder if that’s any less irritating than Sandcrack?


  2. skink says:

    I assume that the name arose amongst sailors because if you get shipwrecked here, you’re f*cked

    as Aussie geographic nomenclature goes, this shows more imagination than The Great Sandy Desert.

    My favourite is Lake Disappointment, whixh is somewhere near the Slough of Despond


  3. David Cohen says:

    cheers for the link LA. foolishly I didn’t include this detail about Sark in my post yesterday: “The Seigneur retained the sole right on the island to keep pigeons and was the only person allowed to keep an unspayed female dog”.
    I return the challenge for further information back to you re the unspayed female dog situation on the Intercourse Archipelago.


  4. Adam says:

    Cock Wash is in South Australia?

    Gold. Pure gold.


  5. David Cohen says:

    OMG! I just noticed: all the Intercourses look like cornflakes!


  6. East or “front” Intercourse looks like a Sandman panelvan


  7. meccano101 says:

    It might have been worse, it could have been a penal colony like [the map of] Tassie


  8. greg hoey says:

    Put those comments back LA. Back to where they belong. At alsation wolfen it down.


  9. keep it on the topic and they will stay up.


  10. greg hoey says:

    OK dont be so serious. its a satriical site afterall


  11. David Cohen says:

    Have you read much Jane Austen, Greg? It was hilarious for a teenage schoolboy to first read this in Pride & Prejudice:
    “I do not pretend to regret any thing I shall leave in Hertfordshire, except your society, my dearest friend; but we will hope at some future period, to enjoy many returns of the delightful intercourse we have known, and in the mean while may lessen the pain of separation by a very frequent and most unreserved correspondence. I depend on you for that.”


  12. That quote seems an excellent place to leave it for everyone. Greg is just in moderation for a little while. Anything reasonably on topic will still go up. Reading back through them, he had some really good comments. They’re not all gone.


  13. Mez says:

    an excellent and moderate moderation moderator


  14. Vic Demised says:

    I have seen both of these islands, and I feel Rottnest is rather more accomodating. I fondly recall many a frolic on Rotto in my distant youth -indeed, the ghost of my virginity still haunts the old graveyard at the foot of the Vlamingh lookout track. But a frolic on Mid Intercourse would require a bit of planning, given the iron-bound geology of the place, and its spiniform botany. Though it would otherwise be an excellent alternative venue for Schoolies Week.


  15. Is this comedian Vic, or another non related member of the Demised family? So that was the ghost of your virginity? I thought it was marsh gas.


  16. Cookster says:

    I do believe that Iron Knob was once linked by a land bridge to the intercourse archipeligo, but the forces of nature saw it pull away and lose its prominence somewhat.


  17. SkyLantern says:

    Hopefully this is on topic. A couple of my favourite links:

    And sorry to take a serious tangent, but isn’t West Intercourse Island the location of some important Aboriginal rock art?


  18. Bad Texan says:

    Intercourse Island, sounds like a great place for a church picnic.


  19. Ophuph Hucksake says:

    Just took the liberty of E-mailing “PhilBrodieBand” with Upper Swan, which amazingly wasn’t on the list.


  20. Rolly says:

    Reminds me of a turning point for aircraft positioned just North of Pakenham (E of Melbourne) = Packenham Upper.
    Imagine the chortling when pilots were requested to “…report Packenham Upper.”


  21. Cookster says:

    Rolly, I too remember Packenham Upper – we used to visit friends out that way until we realised what a backwards, out of the way place it is… funny name, shit place.


  22. ellaella says:

    We have a town named Intercourse in the States. I think it’s in Pennsylvania. Along with Blue Balls.



  23. Mez says:

    is that anywhere near Whiskey Dick Mountain ella?


  24. They should have one of those Rally bash things from Intercourse Island to Cock Wash.


  25. rollywheeler says:

    There is a Bogan Shire in NSW.


  26. Bento says:

    And let’s not forget Cockburn, right here in Perth.


  27. Co – burn Bento. Pronounced Co- burn.


  28. Frank Calabrese says:

    [Co – burn Bento. Pronounced Co- burn.]

    Try telling that to visiting soap starlets and other Eastern States Celebrities during Telethon LA :-)


  29. Yeah well we all know it’s burnt cocks really.


  30. Bedfords Crackpot Fraternity! says:

    #18 ….therefore when nature called, Iron bar withdrew from intercourse, yes, excellent!


  31. Bento says:

    You can say it how you want LA, but I’ll go for the cheap laughs every time.


  32. ellaella says:

    Mez – Its a couple thousand miles away. WDM is in Washington State where I’ve never been and never want to be. Sure, they have strong coffee. They also have rain and earthworms most days of the year.


  33. This one is getting heaps of hits today. Lots of intercouse island search hits. Research maybe?


  34. Maccas on a Sunday morning is a far far worse show than anything Howard Riddance Sattler could dish up. Horrible. Country people should run him out of town with a pitchfork up his arse.


  35. The Legend 101 says:

    No Such Place!


  36. misterekz says:

    When the port of Dampier was being developed in the sixties, the map makers asked the locals the names of the islands just offshore. Because you can’t really put “those fuckin’ islands” on a chart, we now have the Intercourse Island Group


  37. Johnno says:

    Went for a visit hoping to find some willing Asian chicks, but it is all locked up. Disappointing.


  38. sreenivasan says:



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