Tram Sham

Most Perth people feel a pang of embarrassment as they see this fake tram go by. Perhaps it’s because we scrapped our real trams many years ago. I think it would really impress a Melbourne vistor, our one fake tram. Unfortunately I have even seen a wedding happening on board.

perth tram

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13 Responses to Tram Sham

  1. Now this sad saga does involve Alannah Mc Tiernan the minister for the train to nowhere. Apparently a couple of years ago she discovered trams or light trains , but did nothing about it. Now with Rudd’s discovery of global warming ( which Howard had been hiding) it may be contingent upon him to force retarded State planning ministers to bring back the “light rail”.


  2. lazyaussie says:

    That’s right Bill she did say we were going to have light rail from city to subi.


  3. Anonymous Perthon says:

    The best part is when they dress it up for things, like christmas and yes I think I have seen it wearing a veil for a wedding


  4. greg says:

    And I just bet they never thought that people would catch on to the fact it is’nt really a tram.

    Clever are’nt we !-gh


  5. meccano101 says:

    L.A why not hire it for a worst of perth tour. Start at the bell tower and finish up for a bite to eat at Max Evans orchard to see his arse sculpture. You could also invite some street kids.


  6. CK says:

    “Hire Me!” blares the sign.

    That ‘tram’ is nothing more than a prostitute.


  7. If any body doubts the veracity of my statement about the lack of planning of public transport in Perth from the Department of socalled Planning and Infrastructure google “trams site:“. Don’t get me started on the pathetic state of cycle ways.


  8. greg hoey says:

    Maybe bill it should really be called the “dept. of helping foreign automobile manufacturers sell more cars to perth citizens by funding more and more roads and suburbs”


  9. Worst State government department.


  10. Leonard says:

    Whenever I see this, or the even worse predecessor, the Fremantle “Tram”, I always shout “It’s not a tram, it’s a Toyota bus, pretending to be a tram.”

    The fact that it’s the most uncomfortable bus in Perth – wooden seats – and has noughties ads all over it, makes it beyond kitsch. It is quite simply unconscionable. All involved ought to hang their heads. They can’t possibly do it in shame, because clearly they have none. At least they might feel just slightly embarrassed: If only I’d paid attention during art at school.


  11. tomthrett says:

    hey, i disagree with most of the worst architectur on here, but by golly, this is spot on the mark . awful. absolutely awful.


  12. Wortho says:

    There is no toilet onboard the fake tram, and drunken men have been known to urinate from the rear- right above the ‘Hire Me’ sign.


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