Young Punks

We don’t want to be going totally architectural on your arses (although the built environment makes up a lot of what’s worst in the city) so in the human scale, who’s the Worst Of Politicians in Perth? All sides have some real turkeys, but it’s hard to go past Paul Omodei The Libs’ leader of the opposition. Actually it’s easy to go past him and that’s the problem. Labor could be burning grandmothers and Omodei would be going backwards in the polls. But that’s the state Libs all over the country isn’t it? In itself it’s not enough to be The Worst. Paul gets the coveted Worst of Perth award for his lovely work in shooting his own son during a rabbit (wabbit?) cull. If a man can’t get ANY publicity despite pumping a round into his own flesh and blood… On the other hand, if that’s the way he’s going to deal with the youth problem, he’s got my vote. Those young punks…

Worst of stae Liberals

Another thing I’ve noticed with Omodei is that they always mention that he was a potato farmer when they show his picture. The same phenomenon as people looking like their pets?

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Comedian, artist, photographer and critic. From 2007 to 2017 ran the culture and satire site The Worst of Perth
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11 Responses to Young Punks

  1. Alex says:

    I dunno, Paul’s not the brightest chap on the hill but is generally thought of in political circles as a decent enough fellow… (Rest of comment edited by Lazy Aussie)


  2. lazyaussie says:

    Sorry Alex, I want to be a little careful legalwise with some of your comment. I agree with your points, but I don’t want to get sued in my first week, he, he.

    Suffice it to say Alex went on to nominate Rob Johnson for worst politician because of a perceived gung-ho attitude amongst other things. Alex also asked to nominate len Buckeridge for a Worst of Perth award.

    Alex, I’m sure Paul Omodei is a fine fellow, but I was concentrating more on political ineffectualness apart from the son shooting.

    Moving from people to streets, Alex is nominating great Eastern Highway Belmont for Perth’s worst Street. I’m on it Alex.


  3. Ophuph Hucksake says:

    I wonder if Omodei means “Soap Powder of God” in Latin. In the interests of political balance (not that this usually worries me), there are surely a number of state ALP contenders for this award. Also, a certain Panama hat-wearing figure would easily win Worst Power Behind the Throne?

    Finally, the website us disgruntled ex-easterners have been waiting for! Expect lots of contributions from this select group of primed, ready-to-explode whingers over the coming months.
    Can’t wait for Worst Newspaper award …


  4. lazyaussie says:

    “I wonder if Omodei means “Soap Powder of God” in Latin.” he, he. That’s good. that’s very good.

    The ALP guys are all operators. Bad, yeah, but you can’t see any of them shooting their son by mistake. If they shot someone, you’d know it was on purpose.

    Regarding your last line. There’s a couple of things I need to take care of before commenting on that…


  5. lazyaussie says:

    Sadly Paul might be getting more publicity on my blog than he gets in the ‘real’ media.


  6. My Ning says:

    If track records are anything to go by, then one need not look past Paul’s performance when he was Richard Court’s minister for local government back in the 1990s. Under Court junior, the WA Coalition tried to streamline the state’s local councils through a process called structural reform. The sad thing was there was no reform in the 1995 updating of the LG Act and very little structural change. It wasn’t quite Jeff Kennett in-yer-face stuff as the Libs gingerly tired to cut down the number of local governments in WA by only four or five (Narrogin, Geraldton and Northam were three of the few areas targeted – all unsuccessfully). Obviously Paul and his cronies were terrified of offending their Liberal Party mates in conservative councils (like those which make up Perth’s western suburbs, where a little structural reform perhaps wouldn’t go astray). All up a peculiarly pisspoor effort from a regime that liked to talk tough…


  7. Del Quant says:

    Paulie’s pretty ordinary, without a doubt, but Sue Walker takes the worst politician gong hands down. Even her own colleagues refer to her as ‘Squawker’, and whenever she gets to feet in the chamber, the groans are evenly distributed on either side.


  8. Jade says:

    Surely losing the leadership AND party endorsement within 3 weeks qualifies Paul as the Worst


  9. You know, compared to Tuckey he doesn’t look too bad.


  10. Rolly says:

    If Paul is, as is said to be, a decent enough fellow, then he really doesn’t belong in politics.
    Now, his successor as leader………….


  11. My Ning says:

    The Worst was at it again on the weekend, claiming the Libs might oust Carps if Colin Barnett came back as the party’s leader.

    Maybe it might work, maybe not. Either way it stinks of desperation for the conservatives, who must collectively know that while seat sniffing Troy may be a political disaster, the sometimes petulant Barnett is not much better.

    The Worst, in all of its infinite wisdom, suggested that Barnett had now been out of the limelight long enough to ensure he could have, in the eyes of the public at least, a clean slate if he decided to run for premier again.

    A clean slate? How is this so? Barnett is a walking disaster – pure and simple. While many voters may have short memories, most will remember his ill concieved water canal campaign during the last election, when he threw a multi-billion dollar pledge (which was nothing more than recycled jibberish from former Labor MP Ernie Bridge) into the pork barrell mix without at first consulting anyone about the idea – including those in his shadow cabinet.

    However, it’s not Barnett’s role in opposition which should be scrutinised. Rather, we should be looking at what he was up to when he was the state’s resources minister under the Richard Court Government if we are to determine if he really is leader material.

    Perhaps his biggest blunder was helping broker the privatisation of the Dampier-Bunbury natural gas pipeline, which was sold to US company Epic Energy under what could fairly be called misleading pretenses. Sure, the proceeds from the sale might have helped balance a budget, but Epic wasn’t too happy when it found out that the deal it thought it was getting actually fell well short of expectations (does the term “investment risk” mean anything to anybody?).

    Barnett also tried to broker an energy deal involving steel making wannabe Kingstream Resources back in the late 1990s, only to have it knocked back by the ACCC (or was it the ACC?) on the grounds that it wasn’t comptitive.

    Then he convinced WA’s taxpayers that building a gas pipeline to Mt Magnet to provide power to a vanadium mine was also a good idea, which was sort of wrong as the project closed down after just a few years, with its eventual owner (Xstrata) putting a bulldozer through the site to make its point. (In all fairness we should note here that, after a five year hiatus, the mine is about to start operations again.)

    Sure, Barnett is an ideas man and he might have a modicum of vision, but one can’t help think that if a royal commission was held into some of the dealings of the Dickie Court Government, the Liberal MP for Cottesloe would – like Labor’s esrtwhile resources minister Julian Grill before him – receive a slap on the wrist for improper conduct.


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