Worst of Worship

Does Jesus REALLY abide here?

I’ve seen some crappy places of worship around Perth in my time, but let’s kick it off with The Holy Trinity in Burnett Street Embleton. The horrorshow design, the mouldy white concrete bricks, the fibro cladding and the “men’s urinal style” glass bricks at the entrance add up to one hideous temple of worship. Got an uglier Church, Mosque or temple to share? Let’s see it. Does Jesus really abide here? I think not.

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Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.
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26 Responses to Worst of Worship

  1. Touchy says:

    Aye, that not where Hesus live


  2. LISA says:

    see also Tabor Christian College on the corner of Lord and Walcott ….


  3. lazyaussie says:

    Will do L. Who is this Tabor anyway?


  4. whinging ninja says:

    I recommend the Church in Bullsbrook near the corner of Grt Northern Hwy and Chittering Road. It has a blessed virgin grotto, a scrap metal heap nearby and about twenty pallets of 80’s brown brick out front to greet the sunday congregation.

    If you are looking for some redemption or something to finish off that patio….


  5. lazyaussie says:

    Hey whinging, was just admiring your other suggestion in my to do list on Abernethy road.

    Also your suburb list. Will get to it.


  6. tom thrett says:

    hey! this is place looks great. 60s design just takes a little gettin used to! yellow glass is hustle! you should probably go slander raymond jones’ st. cecilias in floreat. what a travesty of design…


  7. lazyaussie says:

    I will have a look Tom


  8. c.s says:

    A place of worship is not about the building it is the people…try looking inside and you would be hard stretched to find a nicer congregation. They make the most of what they have. It’s not about show, it’s about community. I’m sure there are much grander churches where you get ‘lost in the crowd”. At Holy Trinity everyone is welcome and knows your name.


  9. SG says:

    …”where 2 or 3 are gathered in my name…there am I intheir midst”


  10. SG says:

    …”retro on the outside….a quiet, peaceful sanctuary on the inside….don’t judge a book by its cover”


  11. SG says:

    Would you rather see a beautiful church where 60% of the money they raised has gone back into making the church look flashy, or an average looking church where 60% of the money raised has gone to charities such as St Vinnies, overseas missions etc.???


  12. SG says:

    why never see the inside? ………..if u want to make an informed judgement on ANYTHING it is always good to do your research properly.


  13. skink says:

    regarding the research: I believe the science is in and God doesn’t exist.
    They’ve looked everywhere.
    including Embleton

    he’s certainly not there, which is why Embleton is often called ‘godforsaken’

    also: ‘shithole’


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