Outrage Sunday 249 gaint inflatable colon

We’ve been barking up the wrong track: what Perth needs (and had, for a few hours on Thursday) is a gaint inflatable colon/big bowel/enormous innards. I couldn’t get to the RPH event, but did some woogling and this is what it may have been like. 00002967_big
I can hear Rolly squealing with delight! The RPH thing was ostensibly about men’s health, but I’m thinking tourism. Forget the huge blind white dugong, the gigantic Yagan-with-spear, the colossal brick-covered Commodore: we need a permanent big bowel.
IMG_4028Or maybe a giant Metters? Phwooaaarr!! Lookit the back view on this baby! I would love to stay in a hotel that looked like this. Why can’t we have one at Elizabeth Quay?? IMG_4030
No: this isn’t what we want at all. IMG_3858
Don’t be one of the sheeple: next Saturday, vote for a gaint inflatable colon.IMG_4010IMG_4009

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8 Responses to Outrage Sunday 249 gaint inflatable colon

  1. Rolly says:

    I ‘spose that the appearance of the giant orange intestine at this stage of the electoral proceedings is appropriate:
    Polititians, full of shit, giving me the shits, spreading their shit like some foul cancer over the body politic.


  2. Sir Bill International says:

    The big bowel at Betty Queers ? They already got one there. Now we resume normal transmission : Brexit. Who could have believed that the English are even more stupid than Australians.


      • Zuben says:

        Alice James ( sister to Henry and William ) said ‘ impenetrably stupid ‘


      • Zuben says:

        Say it s not so !


      • Sir Bill International says:

        No, they have gone way behond Abbottian levels of stupidity .Four blokes pull up in a clown car borrowed from David Cameron , the four Brexiteers : Boris Johnson , Nigel Farage , Arron Banks and Michael Gove. Racist reactionaries now in charge of Britain. The clown gods have been merciless on that joint. Who’d have thunk , Cameron, that a vote on Brexit could turn into a vote on your leadership ?


        • Rolly says:

          The success of most professional politicians [ those who go into the trade for self service as opposed to the public variety ] depends entirely on the proportion of mindless morons in their constituencies.


  3. Zuben says:

    If anyone deserves death by resignation , it is David Cameron !


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