Brief respite

We have unfortunately reached the maximum amount of picture uploads on this site after 8 plus years. There will be an enforced holiday for a few days while I work it out. I may even have to pay good money to entertain youse pigs. :( You can still comment. We are, by the way nearly at 100,000 non spam comments .  Meanwhile, you can still be entertained. Word is, the SDTT – The slightly damp tea towel Mark McGowan finally may get the limp offhand execution that this site has called for for years. 

About AHC McDonald

Comedian, artist, photographer and critic. From 2007 to 2017 ran the culture and satire site The Worst of Perth
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50 Responses to Brief respite

  1. Although it seems nobody is interested in the SDTT’s job.Steven Smith WTF!


  2. Russell Woolf's Lovechild says:

    Parachute in Sticky McGlue?


  3. Zuben says:

    How many of our politicians would take a pay cut both salary and pension ?


  4. you'll get wet says:

    we need to churn the egos every election to minimise corruption, so the other mob always gets a turn.
    Carpenter was rightly shunted for losing icthys, he and Bergmann should never be employed again anywhere. Smith was a good fm who didn’t put a foot wrong but wasn’t allowed to shine under Krudd. If he’s drafted I may ask him for my old job back. Gallop the Murdoch uni lecturer in Marxism (‘there’s a tension there’) turned out to be streets ahead of the rest. I’d draft him. A depressed premier suits the zeitgeist of the depressed wa economy. Wa needs a realist, a depressed Neo Marxist neorealist is looking better than the rest of the whores touting their egos.


  5. Zuben says:

    Being the alternative to the freak show spectacular that is the LNP in ( any ) government is certifiable cause in itself for some serious mental disorder .


  6. Slanderer says:

    Grafitistos taking a holiday, Banksie is in mourning, and I’m laying off the Old Mill for a stretch. Wait, has anyone seen it lately?


  7. you'll get wet says:

    Re Alannah. You have to make them comfortable first. Breathing excercises may help. Begin to explain, slowly, not condescendingly. Later, they must be convinced it was their idea not yours.

    You explain that the sinkings occured between Java and Xmas isl, whereas the routes to Ashmore have been safe as.
    Now you explain that most boats that foundered after leaving Java for Xmas isl did so soon after departure, as they were overloaded and became unstable. Refer her to the maths of transverse metacentric height. Let her think it’s her own discovery.
    Now explain that boats are overloaded because more than one syndicate forces their clients aboard at the last moment, especially if they have the bully power of police/military as partners. Thus, a voyage planned by a syndicate for 60 ppl may end up taking 150.
    You may want to inject some gallows humour at this point re the boat that broke up at Xmas isl, by telling her that had the crew bothered to take an anchor with sufficient cable, or even just tied rope to part of their buggered Chinese engine and chucked it over, they would have slowed the drift or even stopped it.
    Now you explain that because her leader, krudd, had already deterred the Iranian cohort and most hazaras with lengthy offshore detention and promise never to be resettled here, when osb began they turned back boats with 40-50 ppl. The client base had been reduced already with alp policy and smugglers couldn’t overload boats. Let this sink (sic) in. Her side got it right in the end, not the prince of darkness.
    Now, finish with a flourish. Tell her that as a result of the Xmas isl inquiry, a new kelvin Hughes sharp eye radar was installed on Xmas isl. this means a repeat tragedy in our waters is unlikely, tho very small boats close to wave height will remain difficult to identify. Stress that alp can also claim credit for that. The reason they don’t, as you’ve pointed out, is that they’re gutless bastards who want racist votes and are scared of rupert. Tell me how you go.

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  8. JaneZ says:

    All that notwithstanding, what happened to the worst journalist category and may I nominate Ray Sparvell?


  9. Slanderer says:

    Well at least there are no photos of folk in bikinis to illustrate stories about Perth being hot in summer. At least not here.


  10. Shreiking Wombat Ninja says:

    Shorter TLA: ‘I’ve accidentally uploaded my extensive collection of 19th Century French pr0n.”


  11. Zuben says:

    A Mac T : ‘ The wealthy have aspirations too . ‘


  12. Russell Woolf's Lovechild says:

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