objets trouvé

Hay Street, Perth.


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18 Responses to objets trouvé

  1. you'll get wet says:

    The rapture, He has ascended.


  2. Yeah Right says:

    No no no. I don’t think that’s Perth. Perth has concrete benches with copious amounts of cigarette butts all around them and enough to keep any self respecting ‘dero’ happy for a day plus a healthy serve of ‘fat food’ wrappers jammed into the cracks. And they are the funniest looking pair of thongs I’ve ever seen. What kind of singlet would you wear with them on a big night out in Perth?


  3. you'll get wet says:

    We waited for Him but he was among us all the time. We watched Him checking the phones for cash in the Hay St Mall, we refused eye contact when He tried to bum bus fare from us. And now he’s gone. Again. How could the msm miss this one? Anyone driving past Wattle Grove Bible College check for rows of shoes…


  4. Yeah Right says:

    (Concedes that yes it is indeed Hay Street) And just up from ‘Ad Delayed Terrace’ that fine city boulevard with its interesting and unique architecture and host of attractions beginning with the wonderful concrete overpass by the Causeway followed by an almost 1.5km stretch of nothingness but concrete footpath facing up to bland as batshit average 5 storey buildings with not even a calender in any window front to stimulate the senses as we trudge westwards on a hot summer afternoon looking to find just one concrete bench which is not baking in the sun. We arrive at Victoria Ave and its here that our cameras are ‘locked and loaded’ as the fine architecture and the views and the dead brown couch grass of Terrace Road, wait just around the corner.


  5. Yeah Right says:

    This is stressing me something chronic. First I’m told that my questions regarding… “We are going to become the Conference Centre of the entire South East Asian 1/4 of this planet! If we build it, they will come”! “We will be bigger than Ben Hur and they will all flock to the Bell Tower while they are here as well”!….(Biggus touris bucks or what?) My questions regarding the lack of south facing windows in said structure and another regarding the zoo, were ‘axiomatic’ and perhaps I belonged in the zoo. Now I’m being told that I have a medical condition called ennui? and that I need help. Dufuque! I’m still looking for an online dictionary to even explain my first condition and already I’m being hit with another shocking diagnosis/assessment.


  6. you'll get wet says:

    And they are the funniest looking pair of thongs

    Good work Watson, that would make our missing man a Kiwi


  7. Yeah Right says:

    I tried to be a tourist here not so long ago. It involved offering to accompany overseas visitors to our fair city, on a day trip to the zoo. The plan was to take a train and to enjoy both the short walk and the views from the South Perth station to the zoo. The red faced amended plan was to jump the tracks at Canning Bridge, exit Esplanade and to then do a relaxed walk across the bridge to take in the views. The route we took was directly behind the CC (the loading docks side), with crossing road spaghetti surrounded by dead scrub and graffiti but upwards and onwards we went on an ever shrinking path that lead to nowhere other than a concrete barrier between lanes. The shortened version of this story ends with me crawling under a sheet of corrugated iron much to the protests of the resident red backs, no visit to the zoo and the real tourists disappearing never to be heard from again.


  8. Yeah Right says:

    http://cinematreasures.org/theaters/9328 This may go only a ‘candle flicker’ at one side of an atomic explosion of rage that many of us feel towards those who vandalized Perth.


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