Outrage Sunday 177 under the domes

Would the Oswal home in Peppy Grove have been worst or not worst? We’ll never know. But the Shire invited the POST to document what they say is an unsafe building. I put my TWOP trilby on and got pics of the graffiti.













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19 Responses to Outrage Sunday 177 under the domes

  1. Russell Woolf's Lovechild says:

    Looks like the curse of the buried pie was true. Let that be a lesson for future vegetarian dal muncher cunts – don’t mess with Mrs Mac.


  2. orbea says:

    “paint makes building structurally unsafe” – Mosman Park Workers Collective (Tractor Factory Subdivision – Gearbox line)


  3. algernon1 says:

    And I thought Peppermint Grove was for the effluent.


  4. Pete f says:

    I nominate the 1st, 4th for the Riversea shire logo.


  5. Yeah Right says:

    Sandringham district right on the river opp the old aerodrome, used to be the best river location in the entire eastern suburbs until they decided to fix it up. I haven’t been to Mogudishu but I don’t think there’d be too much difference between there and this spot or between a squalid bush camp and this spot now. No respect for natural beauty. None whatsoever.


  6. Reign of Error says:

    Vaj Mahal


  7. BSWAM says:

    Looks pretty sound to me. “Pretty” being used as a relative term, of course.


  8. Yeah Right says:

    ‘T was ever thus: Flashy ostentation for its own sake.
    Demolishing the pretentiousness of the past with “imposing” modernistic edifices merely to fulfill the same self serving boastings of the rich and powerful, is very much the nature of the “vibrancy” of Perth.
    Plagiarism word for word I admit. (Rolly’s comments Jan 4 2012). Yet so true. And may I suggest to get more iron and other vitamins into your system, put some pork on your fork ok?


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