Herald Voice Voice

Far be it from me to cast nasturtiums on other hard-working reporters: who among us is without quilt? But these slips from that other independent print powerhouse, the Fremantle Herald and Perth Voice, should be noted. First, the Chook’s front page last Saturday: oops1On the same day north of the river the Voice thought one report was so good they ran it twice: oops2oops3Well, David ‘Ding Dong Swear Bear Jezza’ Bell‘s work is terrific and deserves the widest possible readership.

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12 Responses to Herald Voice Voice

  1. skink says:

    looks who’s gone up in the world:
    way to go, Sunili.



  2. Tinker Bell says:

    Are there two David Bells? Tinker and Jezza. Is there some doppelganger wandering around the streets with an ipod and a pair of dungarees. I will alert ASIO, we have an intruder. I am the real David Bells-Palsy. Hic.


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