Cataby Sheilas

By MyNing.


About The Lazy Aussie

Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.
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17 Responses to Cataby Sheilas

  1. Snuff says:

    Is that a bin in a bag ?


  2. dude Cloverdale says:

    I once found a baby dugite in that toilet


  3. Is Cataby Sheilas like Scarborugh Slits?

    Where’s Cataby? I’ve been to Malaga, And I thought that was the cuntest Perth could get. Excluding Rockingham. Or maybe Raine Square.


  4. Lost and Found says:

    Cataby is on the way to Lancelin,in North Rurotard-land. I have one memory of that place in 1986 – priced way over the top even then. And shitty food even by uni student standards.


  5. Kevin Bloody Wilson hasn’t written a song about it?


  6. My Ning says:

    There is one good thing we can say about the Barnett Government, and that is it opened the coastal road between Lancelin and Cevantes, thus negating the need to travel along the Brand Highway when going north and visiting shitholes like this. Cateby even makes North Cateby look good, and that’s saying something.

    For those who are really interested in the roadhouse experience, one can’t go past Carnamah – great food; great staff; stuff you don’t read about in the travel brochure.


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