Wednesday election

First they got rid of roster petrol stations. Then they let shops open on Sundays. Now we have to have an election on Wednesday! The place is going to the dogs, mark my words. Top scoop from WAToady. But I fear asking people to give up their lunch break to vote could lead to nasty spats everywhere.


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6 Responses to Wednesday election

  1. Scanners says:

    If it’s true that we get the politicians we deserve, then at least some of us must have behaved very poorly. Rottobloggo, you could have given us a warning there was a photo of that pair, I’m fair struggling to keep my breakfast down now.


  2. B.T. says:

    Sometimes I regret moving to Canada. Nothing this interesting ever happens here.


  3. Russell Woolf's Lovechild says:

    Will Betina Arndt be called as an expert witness on dry humping and chair sniffing?


  4. Legend 101 says:

    That ladies mouth is a bit messed up!


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  6. My Ning says:

    The Secret Diary of Mark McGowan (aged around 45)

    As usual I’ve been pretty tired lately, but it’s not because I’ve been getting up before 7.30am during the past few week. The Worst, which I now firmly believe should be renamed The Western Suburbs, has been giving me plenty of sleepless nights, banging on about the fact that there could well be a swing against Labor at the next election, which is now only weeks away.

    What have I done wrong? Haven’t I played it safe by cleverly trying to disguise policy statements as reactive comments against Barnett and the Libs? Didn’t I sound tough enough when I publicly refused to consider a Coalition government with the Nationals? And what about my suggestion that we have not one, but three debates before the poll, just like they do in America? OK, so maybe I was pushing it a bit too far by suggesting there was enough going on in WA to drag everything out in a symbolic gesture involving public discourse, but at least I tried.

    And getting Ben Wyatt to discuss economic policy with The Western Suburbs – wasn’t it the right thing to do? Sure he’s pretty uncharismatic, and I do find him thoroughly unconvincing at times, but I hardly consider distancing myself from economic matters in Australia’s biggest mining state a strategic blunder.

    And as for telling Gillard to stay in Canberra during the election – wasn’t that stroke of genious? I mean really, why would I – a vacuous and insignificant blot on the national political landscape – need a little help from the prime minister? I just hope she doesn’t misconstrue my snub as a form of misogyny.

    I believe I was whole heartedly correct when I fell into the trap of denying I was in election mode, despite the fact an election is just around the corner. Furthermore, going on the attack and being proactive would just have made me look desperate. I mean would I have really managed to score any points by highlighting the fact that Barnett’s economic credentials are bullshit, that he’s spending way too much on crap projects which only matter to those aresholes who read The Western Suburbs and that his error riddled treasurer, who may or may not be a heavy drinker, still looks puffy and overweight? And what about the fact Buswell’s been screwing the Greens? Why should I want to get any traction from this embarrassing public spectacle?

    No, I think I’ve done everything correctly, looking serious in my designer specs and mumbling mind numbing cliches everytime a reporter sticks a microphone in my face. Up until now there has no need to try to take the bull by the horns, despite the fact we are so far behind the eight ball it’s not fucking funny. No, we can do that on March 1 in the hope that the Stoksie/Channel 7-brainwashed public will not have enough time to pick up on the fact that I, as Labor leader, represent nothing and am usually too tired to think ahead about stuff regarding planning and policy.


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