Outrage Sunday 80 bushy

Krazy Kym’s bush needed a good pruning yesterday. Lately I’ve had to brace myself to push it apart. But when I get the trimmer out it just grows back thicker.

It reminded me of the charming hedge letters at Daglish train station. They have seen better days.


Of course TWOPers will still be mourning the Kings Park floral clock. The amazing temporary proliferation of the CHOGM pansies did not compensate. Whenever I feel sad about the floral clock I read Larry’s Party by Carol Shields again. Any novel with a chapter called Larry’s Penis is all right by me. (Of course men prefer Larry’s Party, which is about a brilliant garden maze designer, while woman opt for The Stone Diaries as their favourite Shields.)


Krazy Kym’s bush, before and after. I huffed and puffed and worked up a sweat, let me tell you.

bush1bush2“What is this mighty labyrinth – the earth,

But a wild maze the moment of our birth?”

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3 Responses to Outrage Sunday 80 bushy

  1. Snuff says:

    “Here in this garden maze, getting lost, and then found, seemed the whole point.” Not worst registered hedge.


  2. orbea says:



  3. Russell Woolf's Lovechild says:

    Murraya paniculata?

    One of the most useful plants for any garden. As Molly said, Do yourself a favour….


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