Outrage Sunday 74 fellow illuminati

This lonely City Beach wok gives me haiku urges. It’s south CB, of course.

Scarborough surfboards are also coastally poetic, although I’m thinking more villanelle here, with a dash of unmetered Wintoning.

But ultimately, with or without our woks and surfboards and All-Bran, we are these, no?

I’ll be discussing these thoughts at the next Perth Truth Seekers gig, on the Arrondisement on Wednesday, called Drinks and Have-a-chat’s(you may have to do the Meetup register thing to see the link). “If you want, bring something to share – a DVD or book or anything that impressed, informed or inspired you!” I will surely be bringing Montebello, Bobbie Drewe’s latest. But – is Bobbie one of the illuminati?? “Bring a friend, an open mind and leave your hesitations at home! You can learn a way to a disease free world, how to reclaim your commercial identity, or better understand humanities true essence, or purpose. On the flip-side we show movies about the ‘illuminati’, those self-proclaimed ‘elites’ who have almost completely seized the world into their control. – who they are, how a few powerful individuals have managed to so extensively influence every aspect of humanity.” 7pm start at the Brisbane – see you there!

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6 Responses to Outrage Sunday 74 fellow illuminati

  1. Saltysuzy says:

    Drinks and have a chat night?
    Swingers night more like…


  2. Legend 101 says:

    Scarbrough is the place for anything like that!


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