Outrage Sunday 20 Channel Sorry

To the forgotten, vandalised, and abandoned TVs, we say sorry.

Plasma screens are the lifeblood of our home theatres, but we say sorry for being disrespectful.

What is happening to media? We are secretly not sorry for still believing the Zenith 28T925R was the greatest telly ever.

To the shareholders of Seven West Media, we say sorry, and hope it may get up to $5 again. We apologise, and you have our commiserations, if you had WAN shares at $14. We are full of remorse in a sorrowful way when we thought downsizing and seeking synergies and efficiencies were the go.

We will be very sorry indeed when we open that bottle and discover the sparkling is flatter than one of those cursed plasma screens that gets Foxtel and will soon have that Internet thingy on it. We are regretful in advance of Frank posting many things from that UTube blog of Fat Cat being rogered by Brindley at the Miss Universe gala pageant at the EnCen before the stage collapsed.

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16 Responses to Outrage Sunday 20 Channel Sorry

  1. 10% alcohol! I don’t get out of bed for less than 14%!


  2. Paracleet says:

    Get off my lawn!


  3. Snuff says:

    I’m sorry for posting this again, and I think you’ll find this was the greatest telly ever.


  4. JarrahJack says:

    The juxtaposition of the smashed telly with the Ferrari in the background is brilliant. It looks to have a stupid number plate FER R E.


  5. skink says:

    1987, a fine year.
    give it another couple of years and it will have matured enough to pour down the sink


  6. Russell Wolfe's Lovechild says:

    It used to be that Teh Worst was a shit paper but a good business. Not anymore.

    I don’t think it is just Fat Cat who has been rogered.


  7. orbea says:

    disrespectful fucks
    a worst?


  8. skink says:

    A man is driving down the freeway and he sees a bright yellow Ferrari upside down in the middle of the road, slowly spinning on its roof. He stops and rushes to help.
    The driver is hanging half out of the window screaming: ‘Oh, no, my Ferrari, my Ferrari!’
    The man kneels next to him surveying the wreckage.
    ‘I think you’ve got worse things to worry about than your car,’ he says, and points to a severed arm lying in the road.
    ‘Oh no, oh no!’ screams the driver. ‘My Rolex!’

    Thank you, I’m here all week. Try the wine


  9. The Legend 101 says:

    Is that yellow car a Renault?, Anyway whats that sorry thing doing there?


  10. poor lisa says:

    Fat Cat being rogered by Brindley at the Miss universe pageant. You rock.


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