Fang-ed Hooves

The Bass tard asks if it is time for this to go. Commuters have been passing it by for what at least a decade? Are they stil moved by the fight between good and evil? Is this now a worst? Was it ever anything else. Bass tard sez…
…a befuddling mural, at the Moore St railway crossing in Perth between McIver & Perth stations, depicting an angel and a demon engaged in battle upon fanged steeds. It’s been there since I was a little tacker catching the train to Leederville TAFE from Bassendean but  I’ve never been able to figure out the symbolism. It also seems unfinished (the ‘writing’ at the top not completed filled in) but it was always there so always meant Perth to me. But perhaps that’s what Perth is: confusing and seemingly incomplete.

I’m thinking that it’s less worst than bare brick but maybe it’s time to go. But being Perth, you’d know that something worse would go up instead. By the way, is that Lord Gaga Luke Steele  on the white?

About AHC McDonald

Comedian, artist, photographer and critic. From 2007 to 2017 ran the culture and satire site The Worst of Perth
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125 Responses to Fang-ed Hooves

  1. Geoff Vivian says:

    Hmmm no new graff kids to do something new?

    Just sayin’.


  2. Gregoryno6 says:

    New graff on the boards around the renos at corner of James and William shows a marked improvement in technique.


  3. Shreiking Wombat says:

    Where ist? Somewhere round RPH way? Looks vaguely familiar.

    Those horses are cunts.


  4. WAtching says:

    I’d rather something was done about this one…

    Allthough, I am pro-donger.


  5. CB One says:

    Done by Shime back in the 80’s I guess. I don’t think anyone would go over it out of respect for him. The paint has faded considerably, but I think it’s still pretty kick-ass.

    definite not worst.


  6. Pfortner says:

    Seriously guys, this isn’t worst at all, it’s best. As a long-time Midland-to-Perth commuter, I’ve got to say that passing this epic mural on the way in/out from Perth is one of the few things that makes the journey tolerable. I’d be absolutely bereaved if this got taken down. Like when the Gremlin & Bloodhound by the Horseshoe Bridge got removed – remember that? I cried for weeks. Seriously. If they cover it over, it won’t even be with (FUCKING) Yok (CRAP), it’ll be your standad pukegrey Wilson Parking wall. This is a classic, perhaps the most authentic Perth art in existence, and it’s cosmic in scale, from the cthonic Lascaux origins in the east to the Renaissance stereo decadence in the west, no retarded metal swans here. We cannot lose this, seriously – least of all to some ‘!ICE MINT FRESHY LAH!’ hipster SHIT which is the most likely successor (that is, if we don’t get stranded with 2006 olive grey and a fucking massive poster of Michael Keenan). GHOD what is wrong with people? Honestly, what could you possibly prefer to this awesome shit?


  7. rolly says:

    Looking at it from a purely aesthetic view point, a lot of the “grafitti” is an immense improvement on the appallingly productions from the commercial ‘art houses’ that beleaguer our community with their exhortations to go forth and consume.

    Go forth and multiply; that’s my message to both the ‘legal’ visual polluters and the clandestine illustrators.

    The first exhortation being metaphorical and the latter literal.


  8. David Cohen says:

    I always thought this was a photo from an ALP candidate selection committee meeting.


  9. Shreiking Wombat says:

    For anyone interested, here’s site that could rightfully be called The Worst of Russia:

    Check out the car mods.


  10. On another topic, anyone see The Spamster AKA Teh Cockster aka The Cookster in the West today? I was a bit surprised to see him pontificating about not spamming people on twitter when he was the biggest spammin hoon in the whole city. And all the twitter accounts to follow listed in the paper, but not one mention of the funniest all original twitter feed in the city? Wot fuck?


  11. skink says:

    has Stormie Mills been nominated for Worst yet?

    he was in the local paper again last week with his new show, saying something about how he was constantly surprised at all the media hoo-ha about his work

    nothing to do with his girlfriend having her own PR company, then?


  12. Pfortner says:

    Now THIS is art. Very rewarding clip indeed- just listening to Phil Pringle’s nauseating American-inflected blather is a pleasure beyond all heavenly splendour. ‘Then someone bought it – so I painted another one.’ Sez it all IMHO.


  13. skink says:

    further to John Doust’s comment on these pages that his book is ‘quite good’, I see from the West today that his book has been shortlisted for the Miles Franklin

    a small round of applause is called for.

    he is pictured with Craig Silvey, who is also shortlisted.

    two West Australians on the same shortlist of twelve has prompted Teh West to describe this state as ‘a powerhouse of literature’ , and Silvey as ‘the new Winton’


  14. kamoo says:

    How has this not been defaced in any sort of way? From the photos it looks like it is in real good nick. Decades you say? Lies, it must be lies.


  15. Shreiking Wombat says:

    Oh look. An entire site devoted to Godzilla haikus:

    Patiently I wait
    As they rebuild Tokyo
    Optimistic fools


  16. Snuff says:

    Worst. I’m with Rupert.


  17. Mez says:

    This mural is pretty bad and has always been pretty bad. It will remain pretty bad un-tagged or otherwise. Craig Silvey’s long listed book is pretty bad too. Jon Doust’s is pretty good.

    … in me umble opinion sir…


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  19. Semtex13 says:

    I was waiting at the railway crossing while a woman took these photos. Was it the Lazy Aussie? Where does she come from…where does she come from……


  20. shime says:

    I started painting this mural in 1995. It was removed and painted over 3 times by someone who didnt like public art. On the 4th time they tried to remove it I caught them at 5am on a Sunday morning.

    Then I started painting it again. The ladder I was using was owned by Perth City Mission. A few weeks after I got into painting it, another perth artist started working for Perth city mission. They are mentioned for their recent gallary show on this thread.

    They (for what ever reason) decided that I shouldnt use the ladder that I had been using for a number of months and demanded that I return the ladder and didnt use it anymore. So at the time I couldnt finish the mural. Now, 15 years later I would like to finish it.

    The mural is tittled “Battle of the Morning Star” It is about the forever fight between good and evil. And the choices we make in life.
    It has elements of the first style of mural paintings on earth… The most famous mural paintings and modern graffiti art mural painting. It is the second of 3 murals in a theme. The first mural in the series was located in a carpark near where the Brisbane hotel is in North Perth/Northbridge. That one was knocked down by Perth City Council in 1994. I will put a picture up of it on my blog in the next few days.

    The colours have faded a fair bit over the years. But its great it still is there. Time finish it I think..
    Regards Shime.


  21. Jesse says:

    I have memories of this in ’96. I was pretty familiar with it at that time, so I imagine its much older.

    I hope it stays. This is what I remember growing up in Perth, and I am very fond of it.


  22. tc says:

    Is there anything standing in the way of you finishing it Shime?

    Wish there was more of your work around, i agree with the guy who mentioned your gremlin/dog mural, i still can’t fathom how someone could paint over that

    I’ll be following your blog and i hope to see your vision for the claisebrook mural fully realised


  23. shime says:

    I think this year would be good to get back into it and either finish it or do a new one over the top… i now have a ute and a few ladders. Just need the time.

    Alot of people comment on the dog and gremlin I did. I was thinking of doing a different version of that. The dog and gremlin was actually from a record cover from the band ‘Tankard’. I was really digging the artwork at the time (1990) and thought that would be cool to paint at the horseshoe bridge wall. This time maybe a big cat and dog.

    The biggest problem now a days is actually getting free rein to paint what you want on the walls. It did seem easier 20 years ago. Everyone wants to put there $6.20 worth in.

    When we did the childrens faces under the wellington st bridge they was a shitfight from the perth city council because we didnt use pictures of kids from the perth city area. The actual kids used in the pictures were from lynwood/ferndale. Someone from somewhere always wants in.

    If anyone catches the armadale train line past Kenwick you can see some of the more recent work myself and others have been doing.



  24. tc says:

    That’s classic Shime, i don’t know whether to laugh or cry when i hear stories like that… still waiting keenly for the other ‘Battle of the Morning Star’ murals to be added to your blog??

    If world renowned artists like Shime are embraced to work freely in public places, the city will be a far more vibrant place, i feel very strongly about this.


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  29. Busboy says:

    This is a Perth classic and must stay. (Is it still there? I haven’t been through that little section for yonks. Must go check that it hasn’t fallen prey to TWOP.) Thanks, Shime.


  30. Anonymous says:

    Shime is fat n old tome to give I t up bro


  31. Mike says:

    The figure on the left was copied from a comic book.


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