The Rustbelt

IT: An’ we did wheelbarrow racing, while waiting for lighting setups, you know what I mean..?”
MP: What you mean..?
IT: You know, wheelbarrow racing, you know? You Brits don’t have that here? C’mon!
MP: No, no, we do, we do. Like at fetes and ah, we’d have it at ahh, village sporting contests. At school. I’m not sure how it works in America…
IT: I don’t know what a fete is, but you do them from behind, you do them hard, and you’re holding their butt way off the ground while you are standing, like at that level and their hands are on the ground. While you’re doing them. Wheelbarrow racing? Do I have to explain it?
MP: Let’s ask Clive James.
Ice Tea & Michael Parkinson. Parky’s Last Interviews

Now this is what Perth historians of the distant  future will be glad to find in the State Library archives, the confirmation of their hypothesis that Perth people once used the carcasses of wheelbarrows as stands for their letterboxes. From L Asivious. A nice photo of a classic worst. Wanneroo Rd Balga.

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Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.
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41 Responses to The Rustbelt

  1. shazza says:

    Balga…. This won’t last. By the end of the week I predict a vanished worst.


  2. pete says:

    Someone answer me this, why is a big white blob of paint on a horrible grey asbestos fence considered better than some young punk scribbling his name on a horrible grey asbestos fence?

    Said young punk should paint his name on the grass, it might get them to mow their bloody lawn and put some hydrangeas in to smarten the place up a bit.


  3. hovean says:

    When the English brickie finds out where his barrow has gone…..


  4. rolly says:

    I *like* arty things made from recovered objects; the term “found art” is used, I believe. (Please correct me if I’m wrong – I often am.)

    This, however, fails the ‘arty’ test by a mile. (See how well I remember! Up you Alzheimer.)

    Practicality and improvisation might get a tick as would reducing their ‘carbon footprint’.
    More grass; less CO2 from the lawnmower.

    There be good folk in Balga.


    • Cimbali says:

      I think the term you are groping for Rolly is Found Objects which refers to using utilitarian things to create art. I am not sure it extends to using utilitarian things to create letterboxes.

      I don’t mind it although I would prefer it if it could stand on it’s own rather than leaning kinda lazy like on the fence.


    • rolly says:

      “……….leaning kinda lazy like on the fence.”

      Typical of the ‘laid-back Aussie’ surely, Cimbali.


    • Mez says:

      they are called “readymades” rolly
      origionally in the form of a urinal… but I suspect that all the toilets in Balga are chained to the wall


  5. monkeypants says:

    That Bert Newton tweet is brilliant TLA.

    I have gone right off “The Only Gay in The Showbusiness Village” since he hasn’t bothered to confirm my friendship offer on facebook.



  6. I hope Snuff’s not feverishly trying to find that quote.


  7. curious says:

    yes. it only has the one vertical line leading down from the original post, rather than dozens of little ones.


  8. flynn says:

    the letter box/wheelbarrow combination is to allow for a quick midnight flit from the premises with all ones possessions. Quite standard for Balga really.


  9. Snuff says:

    There’s not much to understand about Facebook’s rationale, rolly. As you’d recall, in days gone by market researchers made a living by gathering information and selling it to advertisers. The only difference is that Facebook tell you that your privacy is important to them.


  10. Snuff says:

    I think the (registered) wheelbarrow needs the counterweight of the letterbox to hold up the fence.


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