Geoff V sent a shot from Derby, where metal recycling is shown out and proud. None of this hide it away in a yellow bin. By the way, it’s not just one house, they are common. I think they look good.



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8 Responses to Recycle

  1. Geoff V says:

    I think some see them as a status symbol.


    • Ljuke says:

      “Status symbol”? You’re not that bloke from Don’s Party are you Geoff?

      I like how they’re all Export cans. Whenever I go to the Hydey I order up a bottle of Export. People tend to give you a wide berth when you’re carrying one of those bad boys.


      • Geoff Vivian says:

        Sorry Ljuke, been travelling and didn’t see your post.

        Export has been the beer of choice in the West Kimberley, VB in the East with Fitzroy the cusp.

        Of course all that is changing now.

        Red Cans in Halls Creek, or Green Cans in Derby, was a sure sign of a visitor leaving their spoor.


  2. poor lisa says:

    How can they resist stomping on them? that’s the joy of recycling cans.


  3. Snuff says:

    Early one morning when I was working as the yardie at the Crossing Inn in Fitzroy Crossing I witnessed a bizarre joust of sorts between Scotty and Old Ivan(?), the two most territorial can collectors, over a particularly lucrative tree in the bush near the pub. The tools of their trade were broomsticks with metal spikes on the end, which they would skewer the empties with, and them dump them into their sacks. Given their respective temperaments, they’d have happily duelled to the death over the Derby bounty above. Fitzroy’s claim to fame in those days was that NASA satellites had detected what they’d thought was a massive aluminium deposit.

    As for La Derby, a friend who ran the fish and chip shop at the end of the wharf once described it as the perfect symbiosis between a hotel and a hospital, with generations drinking, f*cking and fighting their way to and fro between the two.


  4. xald says:

    TLA, I’m afarid Geoff V is a liar. Derby my bum, these are my snaps from Law Camp. How Geoff got ahold of them is anyone’s guess.


  5. Geoff Vivian says:

    Used to be called “Blood City” you know, in years gone by. The town has gone very quiet and very civilised now.


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