Weekend Worstoff 56

A bit animal themed for this worstoff. Meccano in Melbourne saw this truck of dogs. there are more in the cab apparently.

week56melbanAlso in Melbourne (but I think these are nationwide) Graham saw this. “There is something about using the Australian coat of arms as the  symbol for a piss stop hand dryer that just makes this feel like a  Worst of.”  Thanks Graham, but the fact that the emu has no hands to dry and is standing around like a spare Chong at a wedding makes it worst for me.

week56dryOn a similar theme, Netwir saw this at The Narrogin bottleshop.netwirb says, “I’m not sure if the Kangaroo’s foot is on fire and the numbat is trying to extinguish it with his tongue, or if the kangaroo is just kicking the shit out of him.” Right on.

week56bottAnd one more from Cimbali’s trip to the Flag Inn sculpture prison.

week56eagleAnd I took this in Barrack Street just because I know you like saying “Clam”. Not a bad Weekend Worstoff. Worst well this weekend.


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Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.
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72 Responses to Weekend Worstoff 56

  1. Snuff says:

    Discreet thanks, TLA. I guess this is marginally better than Royal Robbins Radeau Camel Toe.

    p.s. I’ve been saving this one for an animal theme.



  2. Bill O'Slatter says:

    No Skip you’ll go blind while lettin the Straylian team down (if that’s possible).


  3. David Cohen says:

    Are you happy you helped ruin the daylight saving referendum?

    Proud of yourself? Happy now?

    Thank God Cookster and I didn’t threaten to move to Melb/Syd if it was a no vote…


    • Cookster says:

      DFOC – that later text last night, were you actually telling me to ‘fuck off!’, or was that a ‘fuck off!’ in response to my earlier question, ‘are you a no voter?’

      I almost choked on my bowl of spaghetti tagliaferri.


      • I did see some great DLS moronity on twitter last night. Someone suggested it wasn’t just about DLS, but about moving on culturally. fucken idiot. Several also said that WA was against sunshine, and that they’d be moving state. To like somewhere with more sunshine than Perth?


        • Cookster says:

          WA, one hour and 57 years behind the rest of the country.

          At least in QLD you can go to the fucking shops on Sunday.

          Why not go the whole hog and bring back roster petrol stations?


          • Well that was the error of the yes vote. One they assumed that they were smarter than everyone else, and 2 that it was connected to some kind of progress. Nothing to do with progress. It just doesn’t suit Western Australian climate.


            • Cookster says:

              Balls! When my kids are waking up at 4.45am because the fucking sun is already up, we’ll come around to your place and make the most of the ‘precious’ early morning light on your front lawn.

              You doing this to get a rise out of me TLA?


              • How is this connected to cultural progress? And I’m sure this is equally balanced by those who can’t get their kids to sleep.


                • Cookster says:

                  I don’t know about cultural progress, maybe it’s more evolutionary, like when we stopped being monkeys and eating our own shit.

                  This state has a fucking great chip on its shoulder and if I hear ‘if it aint broke, don’t fix it’ one more time I’ll spew.

                  We are the red-headed stepchild in the dysfunctional Australian family. Fucking laughing stock and we don’t even know it… maybe ignorance is bliss?


      • David Cohen says:

        the latter Cookster.

        My pint of Carles Green Label almost went down the wrong way…


  4. It will be so difficult to get sunshine during a Perth summer now. All those pasty faces…


  5. Bill O'Slatter says:

    The forces of evil and darkness once more roam the land after the defeat of DLS . “We’s been robbed” says the average West Aussie cowering fearfully in their pathetic McMansion , flicking open the automatic blinds sporadically…


  6. Ljuke says:

    Jeez, anyone would think you guys were arguing about something that mattered. The fact that everything closes at 5pm here means that it hardly makes a shit-lick of difference whether we have daylight savings or not. I voted yes, but hardly cared either way.


    • mrs stone says:

      Ljuke, for those of us with kiddies, and thereby no further use for pubs and clubs, a backyard bbq or a trip to the beach are best enjoyed in the arvo/eve. With sun!


      • I’ve got a kiddie. That’s not true.


      • Ljuke says:

        …and not having sunlight between 8 and 9pm is really that big a deal?


        • Frank Calabrese says:

          Yet these sa,me Yes voters put their kids to bed at 7.30 with Fat Cat, and complain that the Xmas Pagent kept their kids up late on a Saturday Night when it moved to 8.30pm – same with the Skyshow.

          Bloody Hypocrites.


      • Cimbali says:

        Funnily enough Mrs S, in a very short time your kiddies will grow up and hate you for making them live in this backwater and move to Melbourne.

        I don’t much care about the sun and where it is in the sky when, but I do care about being on the same team as the old people – and even though I was born in 64 I am vehemently opposed to being lumped in with the baby boomers on any issue.
        I am also vehemently opposed to agreeing with Queensland on any issue.

        Mainly I voted yes just so the young people would like me. It seems to be working so far and Mr Cimbali is keeping very quiet so they don’t turn on him like a pack of wolves.

        LA, is this one of the very few times when it can be said that you agreed with your aged mother?


        • mrs stone says:

          Cimbali, I’m one of those parents who had a kid when young, and then had some more again when I should have known better.
          I have a 17 year old, whose paternal grandparents live in St Kilda, so she should as you suggest be thinking about moving to trendier times. Surprisingly she is happy in Perth, has her UWA journey mapped out, and was a lover of DLS. It’s the kids I cry for.

          Won’t someone think of the children!


          • Cimbali says:

            Actually, truth be told, my 17 year olds UWA journey includes a lot of Transperth buses at 6.30 in the morning so he was not entirely a fan of DLS when it meant trudging down the driveway to the bus stop in the dark!
            But that didn’t fit that well with my generational generalizations.
            Do we really need to think of the children? Don’t they do enough of that themselves.


  7. Rolly says:

    Oh! Dear!

    How upset those of delayed maturity are that they didn’t get their silly daylight savings.

    Metrocentric Twat’s all.


  8. Richarbl says:

    Gee, I can’t believe how many people are pissed off with the
    DLS decision.
    Is there no concern for curtain manufacturers?
    After three years of making hay while the sun shined they will now have to endure years of gloom as a result of plummeting curtain sales.
    Heartless bastards!


    • Richarbl says:

      Just as heartless as the kangaroo saying to the emu

      “catch this”


      • Groucho says:

        That explains it (the hand/paw dryer), the Kangaroo is washing its hands because it (Kangaroo) had to hold it
        (Emu Penis) for the Emu.

        I went to the bank this morning to cash in my redundant daylight savings, not worth a pinch of salt they reckon.


  9. Bill O'Slatter says:

    Continuing the animal theme. Look and lern , Rattler at Alex Jones. Hat tip Graham Linehan.


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