Et Tu Bluto?

Well, is it today? Will we get to know who will be the captain (or more likely the Little Buddy) on the good ship The West? I hope rumours that it will be announced during today’s Perth Piss Club event are true. Someone better email or call me when it happens.


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15 Responses to Et Tu Bluto?

  1. skink says:

    infamy, infamy,

    they’ve all got it infamy!


  2. Bill O'Slatter says:

    or “et tu C-Nutz”


  3. Originally I had cast Zero Mostel as Pam.


  4. Cookster says:

    Andrew Jaspan is the tip. Bare-ass is gorn.


  5. skink says:

    apparently there is still no news on the editor

    according to his own paper, Wharton used the speech to promise that the West would reach ‘new heights’

    were there old heights?

    any high points at all?

    I would have thought it was a case of ‘de profundis’

    the only way is up, baby


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  8. skink says:

    Perth Press Club president Lawrence Apps writes in Crikey:

    It was a full house and expectations were high, but West Australian Newspapers CEO Chris Wharton didn’t deliver the headline his audience were seeking at his Perth Press Club address on Friday.

    While it was generally understood that he wouldn’t be announcing the name of the new editor — the recruitment process was still continuing, he said — Mr Wharton’s address included veiled criticisms of the previous management, including controversial editor Paul Armstrong.

    But there was no stand-out item to gab the attention of the audience, which included leading figures from politics, business, academia and the media.

    The large and influential audience was indicative of the community’s interest in both the direction of WAN and of The West Australian, in particular, which has not been travelling so well.

    Chris Wharton was appointed CEO only two months ago, after steering Channel Seven Perth to spectacular success during his eight years at the helm.

    He comes across as a slightly self-deprecating, good bloke in an ocker sort of way, but is sharp and quick-witted and made it plain that, together with recently appointed editor-in-chief Bob Cronin and the new editor of The West, he would be leading the company in a different direction from his predecessors.

    Mr Wharton was obviously pleased to announce that the decline in circulation had been arrested and he paid tribute to Bob Cronin as interim editor for his efforts.

    However, the content and presentation of the paper is causing disquiet among journalists at The West with its emphasis on softer stories and pictures of happy, smiling people.

    Compounding that disquiet is Mr Wharton’s determination to draw heavily on market research, which he said would help every newspaper in the group build a better relationship with its readers.

    He said this research would enable his journalists to understand what their readers needed and wanted.

    Mr Wharton said he was not about “slashing and burning” to rein in expenditure, and WAN journalists would have been reassured by his commitment to editorial independence, freedom of the press and the readers’ “right to know”.

    However, reader-driven content based on market research also has the potential to curb editorial independence and inhibit journalists in their ethical obligation to inform the public.

    The West’s online presentation has been poor, and Mr Wharton confirmed that it had been heading for a $6 million loss this year, with $3 million already lost in the first half of the financial year. However, he is determined to turn that around and is looking to a joint venture with Yahoo!7 to deliver a new online strategy.

    As for the merging of newsrooms at Seven and The West, he said that wouldn’t happen.


  9. skink says:

    “reader -driven content”

    is that an opportunity for us to contribute,
    or just more tired old crap written for Betty from Balga?


  10. Well they could have had TWOP on board but chose not to. I’m sure that would have turned that loss into a smile. The real problem was that their writers, apart from Nags are simply terrible.


  11. Bill O'Slatter says:

    “As for the merging of newsrooms at Seven and The West, he said that wouldn’t happen.” Buckets O’Barf reckons there is an empty Morley fast food joint with their name on it.


  12. my ning says:

    Dear P Nurry

    In the world of writing newspaper columns, there is the realisation that sizzle is important in message, but if you intend staying in the game you need a metaphor that makes sense.

    There are dire consequences when the writer’s snagger (ie pen, for those numbnuts don’t get it) doesn’t match the sizzle.

    The brand gets damaged (although in my case, the brand was pretty much in the toilet when I put my sausie to work), and the grease stains the paper, thus making it unusable for the next hack to come along and wipe his arse with it.

    Anyway, this is the point at which the Rudd Government has arrived with its hastily-concocted Indonesian solution to the latest wave of asylum seekers.

    At first I was going to say it put the hypocrtical Rudd and his front bench in the soup; then I thought I’d try stew. A pot pourri of mis-directed policy, I mused, as I ran my fingers up and down my sausage. Maybe they’re being roasted.

    Having thought of many foods I decided on BBQ grub. After all, what could be more Aussie – especially when rehashing the same old alien invasion crap which, in reality, is kind of akin to tossing a verbal salad (get it numbnuts – it complements the meat) and scooting around the fact that we are really just a bunch of xenophobes with no apetite for entertaining dark skinned strangers – even when they bring the piss.

    The sausage tells a different story, whatever the fuck that really means.

    Of course, given my aim in life now is to serve Rudd up as the main course (while filling in the rest of the column with a chronologiocal sequence of events that I mashed together – like potatoes – after reading stuff on the web), I must go in for the kill (or add the garlic, one could say).

    I suppose we can be grateful that the Rudd Government isn’t in the hamburger business.

    You can just imagine the goody two shoes pitch – McGreasy, but good for you. Whoppers, but suitable for diets.

    Of course this paper – not to mention my columns – are not much better than dog food.

    It could be enough for you to turn your back on my sausage.


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